Audio Love 1.7.14


VtotheD – Twofold EP (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Greta Cottage Workshop are going from strength to strength at the moment. I’ve been a fan for a while now but for the last three or four releases they really seem to have really found their stride with exceptional releases from Paxton Fettle, Mudkid and Wasserfall all gracing these pages.

Now they’re almost set to drop a new EP from VtotheD which is the production name of David Georgos and Benedikt Frey and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Think five tracks of sumptuous jams that veer from weird spacey house to full on psych/kosmiche jams to slow-mo atmospherics. Excellent release.

Out on 7th July on wax


Imre Kiss – Raw Energy EP (Lobster Theramin)

Lobster Theramin sounds like a random quote from the surrealist manifesto but it’s actually a record label, and they’re actually very good. In the space of only a year or so they’ve put together a very impressive catalogue of releases blending densely textured ambient tracks, warm analogue house and pretty much everything in between.

Their 6th offering comes courtesy of Hungarian artist Imre Kiss and it’s an accomplished EP taking in a range of sonic scenery. We open with “Stelar 0102” which is straight off some 80s sci-fi VHS found down the back of the sofa in the same place you lost those trips you were looking for in 1994. Thick, fuzzy, gorgeously textured ambience. Next up “Non” switches the energy up 500% with clanging 707 rhythm and incessant b-line. “Spellbound” is a more sultry number that wouldn’t sound out of place on Dial records. From here we move onto the title track which takes the energy right back up again with it’s churning spacey techno vibe. Rounding off the EP is “Belief” which swings things back into deep slow-jam territory.

Out on wax 14th July



Sisterhood – Tunnels EP (Teif Music)

We’re up to release number 5 on the London based Teif Music and it’s a rather lovely EP from Sisterhood. The EP kicks off with “Doublespeak” which, for me, is nice but a little obvious. But right after that is “Tunnels” which really jumped out at me when I first heard it. It’s warm, spacious and open with a meandering wobbly analogue bass wiggling its way through the whole tune. Gorgeous. There’s a Bicep mix of this which for me doesn’t touch the original and finally the lovely deep excursion of “Believe”. Worth buying just for “Tunnels” – fantastic track!

Out on wax 14th July

Wil's One Liners

Headman – 6 E.P. 

Ace EP from Robi Headman working taken from upcoming Headman/Robi Insinna Album "6".  E.P.I features Brassica, Red Axes, Emperor Machine and Sam from Gramme. Red Axes and Emperor Machine are the ones I'm getting rather moist about.