Audio Love 17.06.14


Europe needed a break last week… but he's back firing on all cylinders this week. The courts have issued restraining orders to Europe stipulating he cannot approach Martyn, Adam Feingold or STERAC. Then Wil one-lines it with Essay & Drvg Cvltvre…oh great.

Martyn – The Air Between Words (Ninja Tune)

It’s been 3 years since the Dutch maestro released his last long player and he’s finally dropped his latest offering “The Air Between Words”. He’s made the move to the prestigious Ninja Tune for this one and the results are impressive to say the least. We’ve got all of Martyn’s assured quality and depth of sound pallet going on here coupled with his penchant for deep bass and dancefloor nouse. There’s even a couple of very tasty collaborations too, one with the singer Copeland and also with the one and only Keiren Hebden.

While the album opens with the ambient textures of “Forgiveness Step 1”  from here on in we’re in dancefloor territory pretty much all the way which is no bad thing. While all of the tracks are beat driven the depth of sounds used is diverse and impressive. We go from the warm layers overlaid with sparse breaks of “Glassbeadgames” through to the tough, jazz infused techno of “Drones” and the unsettling electronica of “Lullaby”.  All of these different colors work very well together as a cohesive whole. This is a very accomplished album from a producer at the top of his game.

Out now on wax and digital. Buy here 


Adam Feingold – Apron EP (Apron)

Ok so I’ve only heard the one track from this EP that’s available via the Apron soundcloud page and it’s most definitely whetted my appetite. This is apparently Mr Feingold’s first release and a more assured, high quality debut you’d be hard pressed to find. “Jahkra” is a tough, in your face jam that sets things up with rough distorted drums pinging off left right and centre underpinned by a squelchy analogue bass. About half way through Feingold introduces a warm, dreamy pad and the whole thing opens up. The whole track has a lovely balance between hectic drums that seem like they’re on the brink of getting out of hand and the calmness brought by that pad. Lovely stuff – looking forward to hearing the other two tracks!

Out 24th June on wax


STERAC – Klockworks 12 (Klockworks)

Steve Rachmad has a pretty heavyweight pedigree when it comes to techno. His production career goes back almost 20 years and this latest offering sees him in fine form. While all of the tracks are good, solid techno the one that jumped out a mile for me was “In Circles”. It’s a lovely, brooding number revolving around what can only be described as a techno cello riff. Moody, menacing, heads down, tops off.

Out 23rd June on wax and digi


Wil's One Liners

Essay – Ocarina (The Field Remix)

The Field's give Essay a rather fine glacial going over. 

Drvg Cvltvre – Airplane Hangar on Stun EP

Archetypal drug chug from Manchester's ViAAL label. Drvg Cvlvtre (what is it with all these weird consonants at the moment atm. Cvrches, Wytches) replete with Clouded Vision remix