Audio Love 01.6.16


Damon Bell – Ankh Boogie (Don't Be Afraid)

I first picked up on Damon Bell's music via the amazing Deepblak label run by AYBEE, where he set out his stall with his deep and immersive techno and house music. He's now set to drop a corker of an EP on the Don't Be Afraid which is an imprint that is definitely going from strength to strength.

We kick off with the title track and it's a warm, up-tempo pumper that would be perfect to chuck on when you're veering too much into grumpy techno and you want to lighten the mood. There's a lovely meandering key line too that just seems to go on and on. Next up “Aural Aflek” sits more in the grumpy tech camp, but hey – I love those iritable vibes! Eerie atmospheres underpinned by thumping yet subtle rhythms. Lush. Finishing things off is “Time For Change” that kind of sits between the two, not all lovey-dovey like “Ankh Boogie”, but still with an optimistic outlook. Cracking stuff.

Out 1st July

Route 8 – Floating Dub (This is Our Time)

Hungarian artist Route 8 has had a busy few years, with a swift string of releases on labels like Lobster Theramin and Bokhari that have given him a name for quality deep-leaning music. He's just dropped the inaugural release on This Is Our Time which is a project he runs with co-conspirator Soundbank. The 10” comprises of two excellent cuts of low key yet emotive house music and if this is the quality that we can expect from TIOT, then it looks like it's going to be a label I'll follow closely. Tip!


Rimbuadian – Illuminations (Meda Fury)

The ever fertile Meda Fury have just dropped their next release, this time coming from Swedish producer Rimbuadian. As a debut release the production here is very accomplished, with plenty of different colours in the sound pallet. Basing everything around solid house rhythms, Rimbuadian then goes on to experiment a bit more sonically, with hazy textures and interlocking synth patterns that make this release both interesting and dancefloor friendly. Great stuff.


Aquarium – Rainforest LP (Coastal Haze)

This is the first release on London Based Coastal Haze and it's a breath of fresh air. Set up by Jake "No Bad Days" Hollick and Seb "Church" Wildblood, this label definitely proves to be one to watch out for in the future. The 8 track tape LP from Tokyo based artist Aquarium has a bright and breezy feel, taking in colourful downtempo numbers and lush, fuzzy house cuts. The production on this is spot on, and the artwork is lovely too. An all round good egg of a release – definitely one to check!


Quirke – Cylinders/Cope/Sa45 (Whities)

Whities reach their 7th release with this ethereal gem from Quirke. Bright pads overlaying electronic gunge is the order of the day here. “Sa45” is an absolute jam and no mistake.


Mr Fingers – Washing Machine (Trax)

Unknown house gem gets repressed. Or something. If you don't have this, or your copy's fucked (like me) then now is the time. Over on the flip is the equally obscure "Can You Feel It". Shame that thing called house never caught on eh?



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