Audio Love 16.10.14


Crotocosm – Fanatic EP (Music from Memory)

Oh my. Crotocosm is a new collaboration between Jordan GCZ and Willie Burns and if this first EP of theirs is anything to go by I hope it’s not just a flash in the pan. Both of these guys are big favourites of mine in their own right but this coming together has produced something that doesn’t quite sound like either of them which I suppose is the whole point of working with new folks. All this is brought to you courtesy of Music from Memory, a sub label of Second Circle.

We kick off with “Fanatic 1” and it’s a droning affair, with chugging carnival like snares and a pulsing bass hum. It’s got a fantastic neurotic energy about it. Over on the flip we’ve got “Fanatic 2” which feels a bit more restrained than the first one. It’s a slow builder, but has an almost epic feel to it. Not in an overblown way mind. Finally we’ve got “Untitled” which is a sketchy, skitzoid, but overall quite lovely electro excursion. A broken 808 beat is overlaid with layer upon layer of warm, washing pads and synths. Great EP from these guys. Let’s have some more please.

Out now on wax 

Mudkid – Burning Bridges/Turn Out EP (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Oh golly. A lovely new 10” from the GCW krew. These guys stick with a close knit but vastly talented core of artists and I think that’s what’s made them one of my favourite labels of the past couple of years. They have the courage and loyalty to work long term with producers rather than always looking for the new thing and this gives them the space to really hone their sound.

This latest offering from them comes courtesy of Mudkid, the more off the wall alias of Franklin De Costa. Side A is a meandering affair of layered textures and scattered atmospherics all underpinned by a lovely, satisfying chug. The B side brings with it triplet timing and dubby chords. The whole thing feels a bit like it’s trying to pull itself apart and your noggin with it. Cracking stuff and I even managed to spell Franklin’s name right this time!

Out 4th November on 10” wax

Joey Anderson – Head Down Arms Buddha position (TANSTAAFL Planets)

Oh boy. I’m a big fan of TANSTAAFL. I originally presumed they were a Dutch label until I learned that the name actually stands for there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Silly me.  The label was set up by October, John Osborn and Eric Cloutier and has, for me, been one of the most reliable and consistent outlets for techno over the last couple of years. So I was obviously pretty excited when their latest dropped into my inbox featuring Joey Anderson, and a better combination I can’t really imagine.

This three tracker sees Anderson at his firecracker best. He veers from the jackin insanity of the title track (and what a title I should add) to the brooding deepness of “Tears Can’t Bring You Near” to the slow but pensive “You Gave Me Life Again”.  It’s a well rounded EP, and I love that each track has it’s own energy and vibe but they all still fit together nicely.

Out 10th November

John Beltran – Faux (Text)

Oh jeez. John Beltran’s been doing some amazing stuff of late and so it’s good to see him appearing on Text. “Faux” is a complex number interweaving scattered synth lines and a rhythm that manages to be both restrained and frenetic at the same time. It’s the Four Tet mix that really gets my juices flowing though. He adds in there a blend of garage beats and live drumming and just lifts everything up. This is beautiful.

Out now on wax 

Wil's One Liners…

What Europe said about that John Beltran remix… ace! 

And here's something I've missed by a year… 

Solvent – King Vincent 

Off of that ace I Dream of Wires documentary. This is an absolute cracker!