Audio Love 15.01.15


Cherry Garcia –  Vine of Souls EP  (Golf Channel)

Jesus Christ. They don’t fucking let up these guys. You just get your head around one great release from Golf Channel and then bam – here’s another. And another. I mean – give me a fucking break will you! I’m beginning to think it’s personal. Well, they’ve just dropped another couple of bombs this week. A couple of edits/mixes of Sheila Hylton’s excellent “It’s Going to Take a Lot of Love” and Cherry Garcia’s “Vine of Souls” which I’m going to dwell on here a while.

We kick off with the title track and it’s a warm, meandering mess. Easing in with a low-key, laconic rhythm section and distant chanting and then whallop – a huge siren comes out of nowhere. The track builds pace and intensity into a big psychedelic cocktail. Lovely. “Feathers Like Fingertips” is another chugging psych workout with interlocking guitar riffs and steady percussion. Finally “Sol Floresta” slows things down a bit and as I listen I curse the fact that I’m not sitting in the sun, supping on a cold one dangling my toes in the warm sea.

Both of these releases are hot – so check them out. Oh and the artwork for both is fucking brilliant.

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Marco Bernardi – Laffer EP (Barba)

Barba is the new offshoot from one of my favourite labels Burek focusing on darker, technoid material. This is their second release and it sees them teaming up with another personal favourite of mine Marco Bernardi, the italo-bristo-scot with the wonky machines. It’s out this week (I think) and it’s pure fire.

The release bears all of the classic Bernardi traits, it’s raw, machine based, kind of funky and makes you feel a little bit sick. We kick off with “Picture Painters” which is a warped, plinky-plonk chugger laced with the odd robo-voice in the background. Following on we’ve got “Porcelain Candy” which is a repetitive and demented tour de force. Finally “Sweet Little Cheeky” is the brightest and cleanest of the three but it’s still fucking mental. Great release. More please.

Coming soon on wax 



Future Ghost – Come Home (Guangzhou Underground)

Guangzhou Underground is a new one on my radar – based in South China they state their mission as bringing the underground to china and to promote Chinese artists to the wider world. Fair dincum. This offering that dropped this week is a warm and rolling D&B number but it’s the Chocky Dub that really pricked my ears up. Deep, brooding, intense, but still with that lovely bounce that has made me enjoy his productions so much of late. I’ll defo be keeping my ears peeled for this label too.

Out now p’on the digi 

Wil'a one liners:

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