Audio Love 13.1.16


Nick Araguay – SE15 Tales (Peur Bleu)

Peur Bleu have been slowly but surely building up an impressive little catalogue of releases over the past year or so. The Peckham based Parisians have lined up 5 releases of forward thinking, and deeply textured electronic music but this latest offering sees them try some new sonic territory and they do so with aplomb. Their output to date has focused on the murkier side of techno but, if you listen to their radio show on Balamii you’ll know that their tastes are far more eclectic and this is evident with SE15 Tales, which focuses on a smoother, dare I say sexier sound.

When I’m drunk I often bemoan the lack of funk in techno these days, which is why this release is music to my ears. The tracks still have a nice bit of bite to them but the focus is on tasty grooves and warm pads but with still a nice slice of weird to round it off. A quality release and well worth picking up if there are any copies left!


Chaos in the CBD – Digital Harmony (Mule Musiq)

The New Zealand brothers Louis and Beans have quality releases coming thick and fast at the moment. Hot off the back of their excellent release on Church, the Peckham residents are all set to drop an EP with the seminal Japanese imprint Mule Musiq and the fit couldn’t be better. We have 4 tracks of open and inviting house music, with generous percussion and atmosphere in spades. Their work has been going from strength to strength and this EP really shows off the quality of their productions.


Peggy Gou – The Art of War (Rekids)

Rekids is a label who are pretty much always on point but often tend to be relatively narrow in their sonic focus. This latest EP from South Korean born but London based Peggy Gou sticks to all of the dancefloor conventions but manages to add a little spice on top to create two excellent and individual tracks. There’s a nice contrast on offer too. 

We kick off with “Troop” which is a slow, grooving number that, while still very electronic in its outlook, seems to capture some of the feel of a low slung African funk record. Next up we have “In Sum” which has an immensely pleasing drum machine rhythm that’s run well into the red but still feels warm and squishy. Add to that some squiggly bits and some chords and you have yourself a quality dancefloor track. Rounding things off Galcher Lustwerk provides a meandering and energetic remix of “Troop” which is a welcome addition.