Audio Love 11.9.15


DJ Richard – Grind LP (Dial)

After recently bringing up their 15th year in the game with an excellent compilation, Dial Records have just teamed up with DJ Richard for this rather fine LP and it’s well worth a look. Founder of the excellent White Material, DJ Richard is known for his enigmatic but expertly produced take on house and techno and this LP is a real tour de force for him.

The proceedings kick off with the churning drone of 'No Balance', our introduction to this album is brooding, dramatic and challenging in equal measure. From here we’re led through a weaving path of pensive and pent up house music, immersive ambience and brooding techno and the result is one of the finest and most thoughtfully put together long players of the year so far. This is not to be missed.

Out now on wax, CD and digi 

Josh Brent – Vintage Vinyl 1 (Schatrax)

Josh Brent is the man behind the monolithic Schatrax imprint whose stripped down machine music has come to define a whole sound and ethos within dance music. Plugging away for years, honing an aesthetic that allows only the barest essentials but utilising them to maximum effect, the Schatrax’s influence is splashed across so much of today’s house and techno.

So, I was pretty chuffed and excited to see some represses emerging recently especially seeing as some of the Schatrax back catalogue exchanges hands for silly money. Back in the heady days of August, this little nugget popped up and now three more timeless essays in sparse dancefloor soul have just surfaced. Whether you’re an old fan or a new acolyte these are well worth picking up.

Out now on wax.

Two Thou – Modern Mechanics EP (Burek)

Of Croatian meat/pastry-based electronic music labels there are none that can rival the mighty Burek. If you check this column regularly you’ll know they are a huge favourite of mine. In fact, I even had the pleasure of eating burek for the first time earlier this year and now I know what all the fuss is about! Meaty, greasy goodness!

This latest 12” comes courtesy of Two Thou who are a new addition to my radar. Four tracks of warm, inviting house music that is accessible while not quite conforming. I’m now being attacked by a moth – I should keep my window closed when writing my column!! Great stuff – just beware of moths!! Little furry bastards.

Out soon on wax.

***Charity bin bonanza***

Ok, so it’s not all about the new shit right? I actually spend a lot of my time digging through charity shops, partially because I can’t always afford to drop a ton on new wax every week and partially because you’d be surprised what ends up in the local Oxfam. I’ve found some absolute gold over the years in a couple of secret locations that I will never divulge (the Sue Ryder and the Red Cross Shop in Forest Hill). Here’s what I found this week:

Kris Wadsworth – Popularity LP (Hypercolour)

The Red Cross shop has been a bit dry of late with only a handful of dire but amusingly artworked poodle-rock albums sitting in the familiar wicker basket at the back of the store. On this visit, however, the crate was brimming again and someone had dumped a load of pretty much untouched Hypercolour wax in there for some reason. Hypercolour used to do some pretty class music but have gone off the boil a bit in my opinion but this LP from Kris Wadsworth has some cracking tracks on. Not all of them to my particular taste but just check 'Cock Soup' out! Not bad for a couple of quid.

Blondie – Parallel Lines

Ok, on a very different tip there was also a nice clean copy of the classic Blondie album Parallel Lines in the crate. She looks well grumpy on the front cover. Cheer up chicken – you’ve just written a hit album!

Cat Stevens – Buddha and the Chocolate Box

Finally we change tack again with a nice copy of Buddha and the Chocolate Box by Cat Stevens. I’ve never really listened to much of his music before but the cover was irresistible. This one is a banger.