Audio Love 11.09.14


Leif – Nour and Light EP (Sudden Drop)

Leif has had a long and fruitful partnership with Fear of Flying and their new(ish) offshoot Sudden Drop. After an impressive string of EPs going back a number of years on FOF he dropped his debut full length Dinas Oleu last year and it was very impressive. Also, it has a name that’s almost 100% guaranteed to be mispronounced by anyone not from Wales. This is his second EP for Sudden Drop and it’s another high quality offering and it well worth checking out.

This record is classic Leif really. Deep as you like house music but thickly textured, with lots of sounds going on weaving in and out of each other. The layers of noise never get too much though, and it all happens subtly, and at no point feels busy or overbearing. This is a fantastic release and I highly recommend it.

Out now on wax 

You can even download a free ambient version of Sintra here

Jordan GCZ – Digitalis EP (Future Times)

Jordan GCZ (or Mr Jordan Czamanski to his mum) is probably better known for his collaborations, either as one half of Juju & Jordash or as one third of Magic Mountain High. But he’s actually a pretty bloody good producer in his own right. His beautiful but melancholic "Crybaby J" track on his own Off Minor imprint is just about as good as it gets and now this new release on the excellent Washington based Future Times is a further reminder of this guys talent. We’ve got three tracks here that meander from lovely 909 lead house to some slightly less well trodden territory. The tracks often veer quite suddenly into a new direction which is refreshing and keeps things from settling too comfortably. Oh and Jordan sure loves to show off his 80s digital synths. Mmmmmmmm.

Cracking release – out this week on wax


The Black Madonna – Goodbye to All This (Stripped and Chewed)

TBM’s back with another fine offering on Stripped and Chewed as the guys revisit two of her early productions (now trading for silly money on the den of thieves that is discogs) alongside a new production. First we’ve got "Exodus" which is her party-tastic mash up of the Joubert Singers classic and it uses the sample to devastating effect. Next up it’s her classic “We Don’t Need no Music (Thank You Rahaan)” which is a more laid back affair and shows off her exceptional skill to work disco samples into something new, heartfelt and joyful. While it’s great to get my hands on the rereleases of the first two (missed both first time around) the final track “What do you Need” is the icing on the cake for me. This is a harsh, distorted rhythm jam and completely flies in the face of the amazing but pleasant disco of the first two. Can’t wait to play it out on a very loud system.

Out 23rd September on wax. Grab a copy and get it straight on discogs for a monkey (or a donkey or whatever).

Anxur – The Anxur Takes Vol. 1 (Eerie)

Anxur is the tag team name of Marco Shuttle and Donatto Dozzy and they’re almost set to drop this two tracker on Shuttle's Eerie imprint in a week or so. It’s paired back, acidic, techno and it’s very good indeed. The A side is the heavier of the two, with a whining, complaining acid line that sounds a bit like if you had your moaning child in the back of the car but your child was actually a 303 and the back of your car was actually Berghain. Or something like that. The flip is a more spacious affair, still with a weighty kick but this time everything else is washed with a healthy dose of reverb.

Out 20th September on wax and digi

Some clips here 

Cash+DAvid – Pulse (Peaking Lights remix)

Missed this one a few weeks back. Cracking remix from Peaking Lights of Cash+David's Pulse. 

Planktan Sanquin – LÜLL

For those necessary moments of calm and confusion…

Paul White – Where you Gonna Go (Andres Remix)

Nice Andres mix of the excellent Paul White.