Audio Love 10.5.16


Mr Fingers – Mr Fingers 2016 (Alleviated US)

The captain's back! With his first new material for over a decade, Larry Heard returns to the Mr Fingers moniker with this little beauty of a four tracker. It has everything you'd ask for in a Fingers release; it's deeply emotive and expertly put together. From the slow, meandering acid of “Outer Acid” to the wistful pianos of “Aether” this is a cracker from start to finish.

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Tom Dicicco – Shadows and Tears (Delsin)

British producer Tom Dicicco has had a nice string of releases to date on imprints such as Off Minor and his own Run Out Run but now he's just dropped his debut on Dutch behemoth Delsin and it's very good indeed. Four tracks of thickly textured, dancefloor techno of the highest order. At times floaty, at times intense, Tom really gets to the point with this release. Add this guy to your “must check” list. If Delsin isn't already on there then seriously, I give up!


Filippo Blasi Foglietti – The Copy Principle (Third Ear)

The long running techno institution that is Third Ear have been on something of a roll of late. After an awesome Wbeezer album and hot Eps from Brendon Moeller and Gesetz Der Oktaven, they've just dropped the second release by Filippo Blasi Foglietti and it's a beaut. His previous (and as far as I can tell only) other release dropped on Third Ear a few years back and this current one sees him move into slightly darker territory, but with the same intricate sound design and attention to detail. Understatement is the key here, with clipped rhythms being underpinned by deep deep bass. High quality from start to finish.

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OL – Jungle TV EP (Meda Fury)

Ah Meda Fury – will you ever drop a duff release? No I doubt you will. Here they welcome back the Moscow based OL for a 6 track EP packed with goodness. Densely textured but not overbearing, the tracks work nicely on the floor but still retain a nice air of individuality about them. I know I'll be reaching for “Hand Plant” on more than one occasion. Top class.



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