Audio Love 10.10.14


The Outsiders – Epiphany (Work Them Records)

Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records turn out another cracking release and this time it’s the Parisian trio The Outsiders who are providing the goods. Work Them have always had a solid techno focus but they're in no way one-dimensional. This current offering definitely proves that they're a very well rounded imprint and no mistake. 

The EP opens up with the raw kick and tom toms of “Golden Boy” but if it sounds from the outset like it’s going to be just linear, tracky techno then this is dispelled with the onset of lovely, warped strings that flutter in and out. Add to this some beautifully swung hats and snare fills and you’ve got yourself a winner. Up next “The Magic River” uses a similar combo of weighty 909 rhythm section overlaid with dreamy strings but this time it’s a more laid back but disjointed affair. Finally the title track is a slow builder, with low rumbling kick and an intoxicating wash of chords. Fucking brilliant.

Out now on wax (and digital soon I’m told) 

Lukid – Crawlers (Liberation Technologies)

Paranoid, intense, unsettling, distorted. While these are excellent adjectives you could use to describe me when I’m hungry and haven’t had enough sleep, they also aptly sum up this latest EP from Lukid. You could also chuck in strangely beautiful, excellently produced and inspirational and not be far wrong (for the EP not a grumpy hungry me). The jarring, violin like strings of “The Brick Burner” are just wonderful and the fuzzy, droning techno of “Born in Bosnia” is absolutely spot on. Oh and the artwork is amazing too. 

Out now on wax 

The Loose Control Band – Lose Control/It’s Not Just an 808 (Golf Channel)

Jesus. Will Golf Channel ever release a shit record? I’ve been wondering this for a while and, as far as I can tell, it’s incredibly unlikely that they ever will. This latest from them comes courtesy of the Loose Control Band and it’s absolute fire. Four tracks of restrained but effective dancefloor tackle. “Lose Control” is an absolute joint. Maybe the next one will be utter shite, but I very much doubt it.

Out now on wax 

Jimini – Deep Savour EP (Flumo)

Finishing off this week with some high quality deepness from Flumo Recordings. Jimini balances tough, distorted drums with washed out atmospheres and sporadic snippets of half heard voices. All of this is layered up with a healthy dose of crackle and fuzz. Highly enjoyable.

Touching down digitally on 13th October.

Wil's One Liners…

Matias Aguayo – Legende EP – Kompakt

Go on Matias, keep making records that it's so hard to fault. Supremely great as standard.

U – The Kids Will Take Care Of Themselves – Phantasy

Fuzzy, confused, beauty. Need this.