Audio Love 06.01.15


Floating Points – Nectarines/Nuits Sonores (Eglo)

Kicking off my first Audio Love of 2015 with a record that actually dropped at the end of 2014 – always got my finger on the pulse eh? It still most definitely deserves a mention though as Mr. Points is in fine form as always.  Both tracks are of the usual high quality as you’d expect from Eglo lynchpin but Nuits Sonores gets the top nod from me – at a whopping 11 minutes you can make it to the toilet and out for a quick fag before legging it back to the booth.

Out now on wax 

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Various Artists – Creme Organization + L.I.E.S. (Creme Organization/L.I.E.S.)

Two of the leading labels at the moment for the darker, more grinding, side of house and techno join forces to deliver this 6 track comp and it’s a corker and no mistake. There’s a range of styles here, veering from the warm strings + 808 combo of “Earth & Nightfall” by Simoncino to the warped workout of “Obesity in America” by Legowelt.

Oh and “Ugly Drummer” by Randomer sounds like the cast of Stomp having a massive scrap whilst coming down off a mix of dodgy acid and methylated spirits.

A very effective way to spend 8 squid.

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Moon B – Realms LP (People’s Potential Unlimited)

Moon B has just dropped a very fine “mini LP” on the excellent PPU and it’s well worth checking out. This is a 5 track excursion into the kind of slowed down, sleazy funk that he does so well. It’s warm and inviting, slightly fuzzy and beautifully spacious. Some of the tracks take slow mo to such an extreme that they sound just as good on 45 as on 33. My only gripe is that 5 tracks seems to be pushing it for 14 quid – but I splashed the cash anyway because, you know, money is not something I have to worry about.

Out now on wax 


Various Artists – A Retrospective Of (Vitalik)

Last but definitely not least the excellent Vitalik have just dropped a retrospective collection showcasing some of the highlights of their back catalogue. As a label they’ve always been pretty diverse to be fair as this collection proves. There’s some excellent cuts from the likes of Franklin De Costa, Gerd, Agnes et al. I’m sure there’s a lot of ace music lined up from Ryan and the gang so take this chance to cast your ears back over their contributions so far while you get ready for the future.

Well worth checking out.

Out now – digi only 


Ciaran's One-liner

Since Wil's not around this week to give his short-but-sweet review of a track, I've wiggled my way in. Sorry.

Ghost Culture – Ghost Culture

I've literally never been more excited by the release of an electronic music album. No, I do not mean figuratively.

Out now, figuratively anywhere.