Audio Love #06 – 2014


Africaine 808 Lagos New York/Zombie Jamboree (Golf Channel)


Golf Channel are kicking off 2014 in a very strong fashion with this release from Berlin based Africaine 808. Their modus operandi seems to be to blend influences from all around the world to create interesting, rhythmic electronic music with an emphasis on color and fun. This release sees them sticking true to these ideals. 


When the label sent this through they described it as straight fkkin MURDER this and damn it theyre not wrong! Lagos New York eases in slowly with building layers of percussion, which is topped off with a bright, funky, bassline. The track is open, relaxed and oozes with the aforementioned F word. Love the cheeky little xylophone riffs happening towards the end too. On the flip Zombie Jamboree is a far deeper affair. Again weve got layer upon layer of interwoven percussion, all underpinned by a robust 808 beat. This track has more drama and suspense to it and the comically sinister voice repeating Zombie Jamboree throughout. The track ends with an apparent recording of someone munching a mouthful of crisps. Absolute quality. (Joe Europe)


Out 21st Feb on wax.



Spencer Parker The Money not the Memory (Work Them Records)


Spencer Parker has been slowly building something very special with Work Them Records over the last few years and their releases have graced this column more than once. The boss continues the good work with a two tracker that shows two very different sides to his output on each side of the wax. 


Spatial is raw, stripped down and aggressive. We just have a 909 and a demented, bee like droning that keeps going relentlessly. In contrast, on the flip we have Faster Forward which again is all centered around the 909 percussion but this time the track has a warm heart. We have bright open pads and pianos that teeter between optimism and melancholy. (Joe Europe)


Out 10th March on wax.



Various Artists – 10 Years of Phonica (Phonica)


Ok I cant let this one go by without so much of a mention on these pages! Phonica, one of the worlds finest record shops turned electronic music label celebrates reaching a decade with this awesome triple vinyl or triple cd. They deserve a medal for just smiling sweetly when I run in on my lunch break (I can just about make it there and back in time from my slave like existence in a central London office) and thrust a list into their hands before running out again with a bag full of wax I cant afford. (Joe Europe)


Highlights on here include Raudives burning Health, I:Cubes Chemise Africaine or Legowelts flamboyantly named Lovecraftiannature. 


Out now on wax and CD.


Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena – Prisma EP


Rio Padice and Massimo Di Lena are one pair of Italian gentleman that know a thing or two about house music. Over the past few years both have individually released several EPs on a host of reputable labels including Rios own Early Sounds imprint. Last year, Padice crowned his production career so far with his debut full length Tropical Interlune which was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. A certain maturity has enriched the output of both parties with analogue equipment and traditional recording techniques serving to refine what was already a texturally well developed sound. Their latest adventure together comes in the form of Prisma an EP soon to be dropped via UK based marque  More About Music. 


Having succeeded in capturing the imagination with their last combined effort, 2013s Modulo Rz, which no doubt will find instatement in the forever-classic category synonymous with Clones interminable offshoot Royal Oak, the pair observably share a production style that is excitable and inspiring to their opposite number. Padice, with more releases to date, might be considered as the elder statesmen but that is no way derisory to the skill and musicality of Di Lena. Together they produce warm and measured house music founded upon the traditional Chicago aesthetic. Prisma as an entire piece is well formed and air tight. Great care has been taken in the palette of sounds used and each instrument has its own part to play in progressing the themes and movements. In part dreamy, Huge n net marries inspired rhythm elements with cosmic keys that present the listener with a fresh perspective upon each and every listen. Not an easy skill to master, as so often subtle elements can become tangential themes that run wild with themselves, losing touch with the original motifs. Rio and Massimo have succeeded in creating an EP where each track amply stands on its own feet but when combined a greater quintessence, whether its intentional or not, is achieved. 


Lost Ones and Note Ignote work well in opening things out. Their absorbing strings, motion inducing rhythms and melodic chords duly combine to create two musical numbers that cement the feelings introduced by the previously mentioned Huge n net. The title track Prisma is a darker piece but no less musical. Its intensity derives itself from a surging and inventive percussion line, which is complimented by a collection of harmonic sounds that could easily find residence in the respected work of STL or Roman Flugel. It serves as the perfect accompaniment to the other more melodically centred tracks on the EP.


This wont be the last we hear of this production combo. Their hand and glove style markedly has helped to further both as music makers and this furtherance will no doubt be noticed and enjoyed by their ever growing legion of admirers. With support so far from DJ Deep, Ron Moreli, Mike Dunn, Simoncino, Serge and DJ Nature and ensuing releases already scheduled for later this year, More About Music, Padice, Di Lena and the listening public all have reasons to be cheerful in 2014. (Anthony Mooney)


Wil's (One or Two) Liners.

Heretic – Geodesic EP – Days of Being Wild

?Timothy Clerkin's first outing as Heretic (momentarily escaping from the Eskimo Twins) is a seriously edgy and sophisticated slice of god knows what. Psychedelic synths, dissonant flute samples, synth wave bass, acid lines, vintage drum machines, vocoders… mmmmm

Bill Loko – Nen Lambo
Young Marco's facebook is an endless stream of education. Check this absolute beauty he's unearthed from 1980 by Bill Loko.

?Black Hearted Brother – Got Your Love (Ricardo Tobar remix)
The supremely great Sonic Cathedral release an incredible Ricardo remix of Black Hearted Brother (containing Neil Halstead of Slowdive) Lush, psychedelic beauty… get it in your ears now.