Audio Love 001 2014


Like a randy jack russel, we're back to hump the leg of the music we love. Here's our maiden voyage for Audio Love 2014…


Inkswel  No More Suckers EP (Burek)


Burek return with their 8th release and, while each installment seems to slowly cement their sound this edition really feels like theyve arrived. If youve not checked Inkswels previous material I urge you to get involved post haste. Hes been involved with labels like Firecracker, Rush Hour and Unthank and is fast building up a head of steam. Theres plenty of other heavyweight talent involved in this project too though. Californian legend Dave Aju gets involved on the title track and also fellow aussies Cazeaux O.S.L.O. and Isaac Aesili & Charli James make appearances. As if this wasnt enough IG Culture, Iron Curtis and DJ Nature are all drafted in on remix duties. Phew! 


So what does it sound like? Chuffing awesome thats what! No More Suckas is a downtempo, funk infused, groover underpinned with Detroit chords and a rough, hip-hop aesthetic. Mind Yours consists of a spoken word piece over a solid rhythm and rambling synth arpeggios creating an overall picture of attitude and deepness in equal measure. On from here to Saturated which combines soulful, almost P-Funk-esque vocals, ramshackle pitched synth samples and a slow but infectious beat. Finally bringing the A side to a close are the bonus beats of Oishi Stylus with an almost Japanese feel. 


On the flip weve got the three remixes in which IG Culture, DJ Nature and Iron Curtis each lift out choice elements from the originals and put them together to create their own interpretations. All of them are eminently playable although the IG Culture mix is really not in my ballpark stylistically. All in all this almost feels like a mini album. A lot of labels would eek this out over a couple of releases but hats off to them for putting them all on one slab of plastic. Hats off to Burek for this one! (Joe Europe)


Out 30th Jan on wax.




Paul Mac Grand Statement EP (Teng)


 Paul Mac is a bit of a stalwart really when you come to think of it with over 2 decades of playing and making records. This made me even more excited to see that hed teamed up with one of my favorite labels at the moment Teng for their 11th release. The result is a three tracker (two Paul Mac originals plus a remix from himself under his Jorge Zamacona moniker) of tough but exquisitely produced acid thatll destroy just about any dancefloor. The standout of the EP for me is the Jorge Zamacona remix with its clattering percussion and incessantly funky bassline but all three are absolute bombs. (Joe Europe)



Out 20th Jan on wax + digital


Presk Saluki EP (Ten Thousand Yen)


Presk is an unknown to me, but having checked this tasty offering on Ten Thousand Yen Im definitely going to keep my ears peeled for him in the future. His Saluki EP is a 4 tracker of bouncy techno and house that somehow manages to blend both rough and smooth aesthetics seamlessly in one release.  The standout for me is Raisk with its deep, rolling groove. (Joe Europe)


Out on wax 27th January. Keep up to speed with Presk on his fb.


L-Vis Presents Dance System EP


Due for release on the 13th of this month on Clone Records, L-VIS 1990 makes his return as Dance System, a new alias of the Night Slugs top dog that first appeared a few months ago through a mix of Chicago driven tracks. It appears that L-VIS 1990 is using the alias to take his Chicago influences that step further, which is interesting to see as the Chicago sound has always been a prominent feature in his productions. For me the stand out track is Flash Drive, and it almost feels as if the rest of the e.p. is a build up to this final track. Nevertheless, the whole e.p. is still a great listen and it's great to see more producers releasing under alias' to follow their other musical interests. (Jake)



Dan Beaumont – Trippy Pumper (Classic) 
God bless Dan Beaumont. Pizza lover, black disc player and purveor of mighty fine trippy pumpers…  new release on Classic does exactly what it says on the tin.  October & Deadstock 33's aka Mr Justin Robertson soon come on the full release tho we're yet to hear em! "Dont have the remixes up on soundcloud I'm afraid mate… We wanted to keep em off the internet…" Fine then. (Wil)