Okodj-Credit Philipe Levy

OKO DJ has an appreciation for the weird and wonderful; she’s never afraid to colour outside the lines.

The Athens-based DJ cut her teeth in Paris as part of the Bruits De La Passion collective, a crew of deep digging friends whose activities include throwing parties around the city and LYL Radio transmissions.

It’s on LYL, the Lyon-born community-led radio station which OKO DJ helped to launch in Paris, that she hosts her female-focused show PU$$Y NIGHTMARE, bringing along like-minded selectors for the ride including Zozo, Lena Willikens and Loma Doom.


The Lyon connection also continues through her close partnership with Brothers From Different Mothers (BFDM), the label that calls artists like The Pilotwings, Simo Cell and Jezebel family.

In another example of French brilliance, OKO DJ is one of the many talented artists playing at Saint-Etienne’s Positive Education this weekend, so ahead of her set she lets us into one of her past times. From passionate curtain appreciation to cashier judgement and being a toilet, she takes us through her favourite ASMR sounds that get her in relaxation mode…

“I listen to a lot of ASMR, whether it’s for relaxing or from a musical perspective as well. I’m very fond of some of the vocal/sound textures some of these ASMRtists can achieve and it’s a whole world of creativity and weirdness. Here are some of my most unexpected ASMR faves… Let’s relax (or not) and get freakyyy…”

OKO DJ plays Positive Education (8th-13th November).

ASMR - Coked Out Lab Rat Realizes His Dream to Become a Jazz Singer

Everything is in the title here.

  • ASMR - Coked Out Lab Rat Realizes His Dream to Become a Jazz Singer

    Everything is in the title here.

  • ASMR Loop: Curtain Lady! - Unintentional ASMR - 1 Hour

    Just ICONIC! I love how she is so passionate about these curtains it’s pretty unbelievable.

  • [ASMR] Pokemon Center Healing | Nurse Joy Roleplay

    Love Gibi’s universe, she is so creative and on point with all the cosplay and ideas, so pleasant to be able to dive in the pokemon universe like that.

  • Unintentional ASMR 👚 Sari Decoration Compilation (deep female Indian accent, jangling bangles)

    Just a personal favorite. Everything here does it for me, the deep voice, the jangling bracelets, the super slow super detailed explanations about how to do everything. Also the auto generated french subtitles are the absolute funniest in this video.

  • Departure Ep. 1: Departure (or "Space Travel Agent") - ASMR Sci-Fi Series

    This one’s pretty old and still looking somewhat futuristic still today. Love the futuristic sounds, and would really just like to travel exo solar system to be honest.

  • ASMR | La (pire) caissière géante critique toutes tes courses 🤭

    Just a giant cashier lady criticising on all your groceries.

  • The Hair Parlour | ASMR Roleplay, Edwardian Era (haircut, brushing, shampoo, scalp exam & massage)

    Love the historical take on this one, so clever and relaxing at the same time!

  • ASMR I got Personal Color Analysis by Pro in Japan. Soft Spoken

    Another reason why I dream of going to Japan one day.


    Had to include one weird ASMR mukbang in the list. Chose this one as it’s all pink and there is an edible toothbrush. Yes.

  • Serial Killer Victim Role Play (Cringey ASMR) | IamCyr

    Really good cringey ASMR and also love the Patrick Bateman vibe in American Psycho, which is one of my all time favorite movies.

  • [ASMR] You Are A Toilet

    Who never dreamt of being a toilet? Seriously?