An Introduction To Romain Bno


As part of his editorial takeover Ivan Smagghe introduces us to fellow Frenchman Romain bno…

"Romain and myself met at some point in the mid nineties. He was working at BPM, the main Parisien shop providing US house before I worked at Rough Trade. We DJ'ed a few seasons together for a party called SECRET alongside Dimitri From Paris. He's one of the people that fits the "legend equals underrated" DJ axiom. Insane knowledge of music but always ready to share. The anti-Grado shovel type of record lover. When starting the talks about this takeover, Ally mentioned "Jungle Screw", this hoof sub-genre of slowed down breakbeat that reminded me of these two mixes. It boils down a lot to Dimitri From Amsterdam, a huge influence when I was a kid (probably on Romain too), the only continental DJ to mix early hardcore with American house & Techno. I'm not much one for revival but time Machine turns on."

Follow Romain bno on Soundcloud HERE

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