8 Tracks That Are 8 Times Better Than 88.8% Of All Other Tracks – Deep Space Orchestra


In case you hadn't realised from the title, we've got a wee bit of a fondness for the number eight. Deep Space Orchestra have actively encouraged our obsessions and taken it one step, well, several steps, further. Chris Barker and Simon Murray, a pair of "mature music lovers", have got their debut LP on the way soon and you can expect to hear all sorts of emotive soundscapes, filled with plenty of sparkling synths and pulsating basslines. While we await the release, here's what the pair think are the very best sounds out there.

Memory is out now via Use Of Weapons.

Underground Resistance - Codebreaker

Chris: Just listen to it, it’s ridiculous. It sounds like Jean Michel Jarre pushed Herbie Hancock down a flight of stairs made of synthesizers.

  • Underground Resistance - Codebreaker

    Chris: Just listen to it, it’s ridiculous. It sounds like Jean Michel Jarre pushed Herbie Hancock down a flight of stairs made of synthesizers.

  • Entro Senestre - La Caccia (2010)

    Si: I love this record. Soaring, emotive swedger tackle. We were recently informed in a review of our album that ‘melodies kill techno’. Well, here’s 5 mins and 12 seconds to prove that that particular gentleman clearly knows the square root of bugger all.

  • Carl Craig - At Les

    Chris: This absolutely blew my head off when I first heard it as a 14 year old and 20 years later there’s still not been anything that sounds remotely like it.

  • Gifted & Blessed Presents The Abstract Eye - Grandfather Fire

    Si: Gifted & Blessed is a total scientist. He’s one of a handful of producers who continually surprise and inspire me along with the likes of Floating Points and Legowelt. The sounds he twists out of his machines are just so good. I would sacrifice my 3rd child to obtain the level of shit hot-ness that he consistently achieves. (DISCLAIMER: I only have 2 children. Who I would never include in any Faustian/Robert Johnson-esque pact. No, sir).

  • Natural Four Try Love Again (1974) - Soul -

    Chris: Leroy Hutson produced this for Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label. I’ve probably listened to it about 888 times but it still gives me the shivers, especially the incredible instrumental breakdown in the second section. Half of the current chancers in R&B masquerading as soul music should listen to this and start again.

  • Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu

    Si: Photek’s Modus Operandi album is a masterpiece. It blew my young mind in 1997 the first time I heard it and still carries the same weight today. His whole approach to making drum n bass seemed so different and I still struggle to quantify exactly what the magical ingredient is. I think it might be the suspense that he manages to generate in his tracks. Ni Ten Ichi Ryu is all about the little stops before the amazing beat kicks back in. The video fits the vibe so well too. The follow-to this album never really got to the heights of Modus Operandi with the one notable exception of the bloody brilliant Mine To Give featuring Robert Owens on vocals.

  • Bobbi Humphrey - Baby Don't You Know

    Chris: If you didn’t already know Roy Ayers was behind this you can tell within about 2 seconds of it starting. It’s got his dirty fingerprints all over it. Insanely good groove.

  • John Martyn - Dancing

    Si: I will be forever grateful to our friend Graeme ‘The Revenge’ Clark for properly introducing me to the genius of John Martyn one hazy, smokey early morning in late 2002. I was kind of aware of some of his songs but had never properly sat down and listened to any of his albums. I could have included so many absolute gems here – Small Hours / Head & Heart / Couldn’t Love You More / his version of Spencer The Rover – but this takes pride of place as it was one of the last songs played at my wedding!