8 Tracks Of Tambu – Kuenta I Tambu


To be perfectly honest, none of us here at R$N Towers were particularly clued up on Tambú music before we came across Kuenta i Tambú. However, since we discovered this very talented bunch of people we can't seem to free our minds of the wonderful rhythmic delights that have graced our ears. Accordingly, we asked Roel from Kuenta i Tambú to talk us through the genre in a bit more detail;

"Tambú is one of the most traditional music styles on the Island of Curacao where clearly still hear and feel the African Heritage. These 8 Tambú songs have somehow been of a big influence to me in or to productions where I've been involved with."

Here's one to get you going – watch the rest by using the list on the left-hand side;

Soño Di Tur Muhé by Izaline Calister

"Soño di tur Muhe is the title song of Izaline Calister's debut CD. This CD was all about Curacao music and Jazz, so is this song: Following the example of Doble RR Izaline wanted even more chords and harmonics in her song. Recording this CD was a very big thing for me. Under the wings of my loving and caring big sister I had the opportunity to work with some true heavyweights in the Dutch Jazz Music Scene. I was the youngest and still had to learn everything. Thanks to Eric Calmes, Randal Corsen, Yuchi Cordoba, Pernell Saturnino, Roy Luis and of course Izaline, I can do what I love the most today: the start of my professional music career. In this song I got to record the Chapi for the first time, which later on became my favourite instrument." 

Kuenta I Tambo play Roundhouse Rising Festival on Sunday 20th March. For more information about Roundhouse Rising and tickets, click HERE

Find out more about Kuenta i Tambu here.

Shon Cola - Tenelanta

Tene Lanta is a traditional Tambú song with an extra long verse (weis largu). Shon Cola is considered to be the godfather of Tambú music. In later years he’s been accompanied by Grupo Trinchera.

  • Shon Cola - Tenelanta

    Tene Lanta is a traditional Tambú song with an extra long verse (weis largu). Shon Cola is considered to be the godfather of Tambú music. In later years he’s been accompanied by Grupo Trinchera.

  • Grupo Trinchera - Antoni San Wan

    Grupo Trinchera is a very well respected group of Tambú on Curacao, lead by Rene Rosalia. Rene has written a very interesting book about the Tambú tradition of Curacao. 1st of January of every year, Grupo Trinchera organises the Route of Tambú which ends in a big party where most Tambú artists join.

  • Zojojo - Batibu Ku Lenga

    Grupo Zojojo is one of the more popular Tambú groups on the island. They introduced their very own style of playing the Tambú drums and adding breaks.

  • Doble Rr - Bala A Kaba

    This song is an example of a more modern interpretation of Tambú by adding instruments like piano, bass etc. When it comes to modernising traditional Curacaoan music, Doble RR is the king.

  • Issoco - Ayo No, Te Un Otro Biaha

    Issoco was the first group that really caught my attention. This song is not a traditional Tambú. It does have the 6/8 rhythm but it’s been modernised by making use of more modern instruments of the “muzik di zumbi’ tradition. They were very, very innovative in their own way. Issoco re-introduced all these “weird” instruments in the Curacaoan music, which until today keep on being very rare. During my holidays on Curacao I had the honour of studying with some of the Issoco who gave me some really valuable classes.
    In Kuenta i Tambu’s music you hear most of these sounds.

  • Kuenta I Tambu - Rin Rin Rin

    Rin Rin Rin is one of the first and only traditional Tambú songs recorded by Kuenta i Tambu. You’ll find this song on the very first album of Kuenta i Tambu back in 2009 when we were still doing traditional music: only vocals and percussion.

  • Kuenta I Tambu - Santa Electra Ft. Elia Isenia (Official Video)

    Santa Electra was composed as an original Tambú song and recorded on Curacao with the great Elia Isenia and members of Grupo Trinchera (Merly, Niata, Silvienne). Later on we turned the song into a whole different thing when producer Rusted Braces (aka Clifford Goilo) stepped in. To me this song is a combination of all that Kuenta i Tambu stands for. Something new, something old, acoustic and organic, but at the same time very Electric where Curacao meets Europe and the rest of the world.