8 Tracks Of: Sunset Bliss with Psychemagik


Best known for their extensive record collections and surgical remixing talents, masterfully chopping classic songs into new forms, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney are the duo behind Psychemagik. Frequently touring around the world, hauling their record bags from gig to gig, the pair have forged an international reputation as some of the best in the business. Their compilation series, including Magik Sunrise and its follow up, Magik Sunset, exhibit the duo's innate ability to uncover forgotten oddities and unknown tracks from years gone by. Through their own productions the pair explore a whole host of genres, moods and emotions, notably releasing on Crosstown Rebels as well as their own label. 

Most recently, the two producers presented the world with a new EP: The Trip / Sisters of the Moon. The record exhibited trademark consistency as the two tracks convey other-worldly sensations and radiant joyfulness. The Trip wallows cooly along with its mesmerizing bassline and resonant vocal interjections. Sisters of the Moon follows a similarly laid-back route, combining playful guitar riffs with calming brass and tantalising singing. 

Ahead of their headline set at The Masked Ball this May, we asked Danny and Tom to pick 8 of the warmest rhythms and dreamiest records, soundtracking the setting sun in a hypothetical utopia. Get that Pina Colada at the ready and prepare for a radiant selection.

Find out more about The Masked Ball HERE and keep up to date with Psychemagik HERE

Cinnamon Soulettes - I'Ll Show You How

It’s not the perfect sunset without some tearjerking soul imho. ‘I’ll
Show You How’ is simply a beautiful love song. Exquisite vocals that
gives you goosebumps and truly elevates the spirit!

  • Cinnamon Soulettes - I'Ll Show You How

    It’s not the perfect sunset without some tearjerking soul imho. ‘I’ll
    Show You How’ is simply a beautiful love song. Exquisite vocals that
    gives you goosebumps and truly elevates the spirit!

  • When The Sun Goes Down

    Most of the Eric Kol records are fairly well known although impossible to
    find for less than a re-mortgage, it took me over 10 years to find this lesser known
    7” for the incredibly dope B side ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ which
    pretty much does what it says on the tin and delivers in equal measure.

  • Leslie Winer Flove

    Before working as a well-known model in New York, Leslie Winer was sharing company with artists such as William Burroughs & Jean-Michel Basquiat (who did the cover
    art) for a while before she dropped out of the scene and produced this
    incredible LP entitled ”Witch”. Way ahead of it’s time, the album is a trip
    from start to end. ‘Flove’ the opening track would steal the sunset

  • Francis Bebey - Le Grand Soleil De Dieu

    Recorded in Paris 1986, Francis Bebey delivers a slow, hypnotic Kalimba jam
    that just oozes sunshine and subtle euphoria, this could only really be improved if it wasn’t so short, running in at 2 mins 40 it’s a bit of a tease, and just when you’re really getting into it’s full glory, it’s over. Might have to extend this beauty!

  • Ghost Vision

    Got many id requests for this track after putting it on our Surfjack mix a
    couple of years back. All live synths and drum machines give it a warm, vintage, authentic feel. It’s finally seeing the light of day on Pinchy & Friends new label run by Pinchy Don and Justin Miller (DFA) this Spring. Balearic af!

  • Sammy Comfort Ogwo Look Before You Love !!!

    Sadly I can’t find out much about Sammy Comfort Ogwo. His legacy is still waiting to unfold it seems and this seems to be the only LP he made and as with his enigma the only one documented sadly. So many feels and levels on this emotive, all conveying love proverb. The vocals are kinda off but that’s what makes it so good and makes it sit so well amongst the synths, simple drums and effects. Love the sparse production that allows everything to breathe perfectly.

  • Hammatan - A Beautiful Day

    Most people chase this record for the demented cosmic monster ‘Nite Of The
    Black Mamba’which was a huge track a few years back. Hiding within the
    LP is this slow slab of funky euphoric soul timely named ” A Beautiful Day” which is no doubt a tried and tested sunset winner.

  • Edson Natale: Viajante

    Couldn’t do this list without a Brazilian track! When we wax about the divine force of nature and it’s beauty, this piece frames so much. This track just emanates cascading utopias, breathing fresh energies into our consciousness & words fail me with this piece of music but what it holds is a life that so many have lost touch with – NATURE and the force of it’s eternal beauty. The instrumentation compostion and theme mirror all the aspects previously mentioned – to live to breathe, feel the sun and bask in it’s glory. Perfect music.