8 Tracks: Of Sci-Fi Noir With Murlo


This Friday, Manchester-based producer and Boxed/Swing Ting affiliate Murlo is releasing Club Coil, his third EP for Mixpak. A mix of dancehall/grime-inflected club tracks and vocal-driven songs – namely two cuts with previous collaborator Gemma Dunleavy – it stands as perhaps his most complete work to date.

In recent years, Murlo has collaborated with the likes of Deadboy, Novelist, Fox and Florentino, and turned in wildly successful remixes of Rihanna, Kelela and AJ Tracey. He's also a talented designer and on Club Coil, as ever, all the visuals are done by Murlo himself – just check the video for 'Tired of You' to get an idea of his vision.

Murlo has put together a selection of some of his favourite tracks from recent years that tie in with his "sci-fi noir" aesthetic – so from Mr. Mitch to Cliff Martinez, dig in below.

Club Coil is out 19th May on Mixpak.

Clu - Trance Lament

This was one of my favourites from last year – gorgeous arpeggios and the song takes you places.

  • Clu - Trance Lament

    This was one of my favourites from last year – gorgeous arpeggios and the song takes you places.

  • Mr. Mitch - The Man Waits

    I could choose a bunch of Mr. Mitch tunes for this list but this one cemented itself in my brain as soon as I first heard it a few years back and it’s never left.

  • Slackk - Blue Sleet

    This one had a massive effect on me when it came out, it’s amazing, it didn’t and doesn’t sound like anything being released. Check out his latest one on R&S.

  • Yaeji - Red

    Yaeji has a wicked ear for synths, the stuff I’ve heard from her is great. I actually got sent an ambient track that she made recently which I wanted to feature but unfortunately it’s not on the net at the moment. I’m sure it’s forthcoming so look out for it ‘cos it’s beautiful.

  • Cliff Martinez - Son Of Placenta Previa

    Martinez is one of my favourite current soundtrack composers. This is from the soundtrack to ‘The Knick’ that he did, I love how it sits within the series.

  • Dark0 - The Past

    I love love love love love this song – fantastic piece of music, one of my favourite things Dark0’s done.

  • Suda - Hive / Mind

    Suda’s latest EP fully goes into the cinematic sounds I’ve heard from bits of his older stuff. Really great record and this one is a highlight.

  • E.M.M.A. - Boat Life

    E.M.M.A. is another producer I think has a sick ear for synths. Her new release ‘Glacé’ isn’t on YouTube yet but keep an eye out for it.

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