8 Tracks: Of Past To Present With Coby Sey


Variety is the spice of life, thank heavens that labels such as Whities continue to adhere to such an ethos.

Nic Tasker's record label is slowly building momentum with a singular sound and an experimental edge. Coby Sey is the latest artist to appear on the label with an eclectic assortment of inspired electronics and low slung RnB. Difficult to pinpoint, his sound strays far from a linear path and thus makes for a spectacularly interesting adventure into sound and balance. 

We asked Coby Sey to talk us through eight. See below: 

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Micachu & Kwes - Dj Set

Senseis / older siblings. <3

  • Micachu & Kwes - Dj Set

    Senseis / older siblings. <3

  • Batman - Partyman (Museum Scene)

    One of the first Prince tracks I ever listened to aged 3. His music is an endless source of inspiration for me.

  • Traveling Through A Sea By Grouper

    I first stumbled upon this person’s music at the recommended section in Leeds’ Jumbo Records. Captivated instantly.

  • Roy Davis Jr Ft Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Version)

    This track is from the US; it got licensed to XL: a label that started/based in the UK, yet it feels so UK/London to me. First heard this aged 8.

  • Fela Kuti - Shuffering And Shmiling

    This song is Fela Kuti storytelling. He warns listeners to watch out for clergy people (in any faith/religion) who are out to exploit it’s followers for money, over a rhythm I’m hypnotised by. First heard this aged 12. My dad played this all the time.

  • Blur - Battery In Your Leg

    Last tune of Blur as a four piece before they reformed many years later. Heard this in my mid-teens. Really emotive one. It’s on arguable one of Blur’s least popular albums. It was around this time I became interested in being able to play/perform music in my mid teens.

  • Igor Stravinsky - Rite Of Spring 1

    My grandparents somehow had a VHS of Fantasia, which I use to rinse a lot as a kid when I visited them. This piece and the visuals for it made it’s mark on me and I think it’ll influence more of my next new records.

  • Miles Davis - Rated X

    This song was made in the 1970s. There’s a remastered second mixed version helmed by Bill Laswell, which was released in the mid 90s. Hearing these both, I’m convinced that ‘Rated X’ is an unintended precursor to jungle. Seriously ahead of it’s time I think.

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