8 Tracks Of: New York Post-Punk / Disco With Phil Kieran


Phil Kieran has been releasing music since the turn of the millenium and been involved in several respected side-projects. His early releases were in the heydays of labels such as Skint, Kingsize and Bugged Out followed by a suite of records on the influential Soma imprint. In recent years his music has become a keystone in shows such as ALFOS. Stepping away from his own label, he is shortly to release an album on Hot Creations. With three years creating it, Phil's latest LP is based around the less glamourous side of music, and how in order to create something beautiful there is also usually a darker side. In the case of dance music this is often heavy drug use, grimy after parties etc. Kieran used the title 'Blinded By The Sun' as a metaphor for dance music – "it appears beautiful but you can be burnt." The album is all his own original music, with no use of samples as in there no samples and mostly played live by musicians (much like some of his other projects). We asked him to provide an insight into his passion for the New York music scene, and he duly obliged with this reverent trip down those Big Apple sidewalks.

Phil Kieran – Blinded By The Sun is released by Hot Creations on 7th October 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps

One of the best bands from this time. Great sound that was unique to them, go check them out !!

  • Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps

    One of the best bands from this time. Great sound that was unique to them, go check them out !!

  • Esg - Moody

    Big fan of ESG and this track is one that just stood out for me as an old favourite.

  • Liquid Liquid - Optimo

    A huge track thats been very influential for so many years even giving a certain Glasgow duo their name “Optimo”.

  • James Chance-Contort Yourself

    Sometimes comes up as “James White And The Blacks” this track feels like the birth place of LCD sound system.

  • The Static - My Relationship

    Music should sometimes just be an expression or a feeling, once you hear this you will never forget it. Go check out his other stuff.

  • Suicide, "Frankie Teardrop"

    One of the less obvious Suicide tracks but I this just really stands out for me. I was on holiday in July and had a night of only listening to Suicide tracks this was my favourite of the evening then literally the next day I heard Alan Vega had passed away.

  • Y Pants - "Love's A Disease"

    Another all-girl band from New York around the same time, ’79-’82.

  • Phil Kieran Feat. Bush Tetras - Snakes Crawl (East Village Mix)

    Ok so I’ve picked two Bush Tetras tracks but I do have a special place for them, I lifted some samples from their tracks and made this track about ten years ago, a few years later I was able to contact Cynthia in the band through the Optimo guys and was able to get it cleared for a proper release on my own label. It was a total honour and still is to have my name beside them.

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