8 Tracks: Of Hazy Beauty With Pick A Piper


This month marked the release of Brad Weber's latest musical outing on Tin Angel records.

"Distance" is an emotive collection of music inspired by his time spent travelling. Having collaborated with the likes of Caribou and with time spent everywhere from Chernobyl and Guatemala to the Canadian Arctic he finally managed to establish a sound all of his own. His live show is now on tour as he is accompanied by long time friends Angus Fraser & Dan Roberts. 

We caught up with him as he cites tracks of hazy beauty which includes features from the likes of Michele Mininn, Carrot Green, Finis Africae and many more. 

See below:

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Ali Kuru - Luna

Deep Turkish grooves. Good for the late night dancefloor or a hazy living room hangout.

  • Ali Kuru - Luna

    Deep Turkish grooves. Good for the late night dancefloor or a hazy living room hangout.

  • Ozdemir Erdogan - Ac Kapiyi Gir Iceri (Foc Edits)

    Edit of a relaxed old Turkish tune from 1974. Nice filters throughout.

  • Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway

    Soft synth stabs to a laid-back house beat. Imagine this one being played at the end of the night, anywhere. Beautiful track!

  • Carrot Green - Marruero

    A pal of mine and great producer from Rio de Janeiro. Metallic synths and smooth sweeps to a slow 4-4 rhythm. You’ll hear Brazil in this one for sure.

  • Rival Consoles - Night Melody

    One of my favourite new producers of the last 3-4 years. Haunting, beautiful, slightly shoegaze – y and seems to fit every mood.

  • Finis Africae - Suite Amazónica (Hq)

    Electronics with nylon guitar and likely an oboe. Originally released in 1990 and probably sounds great in the middle of a dense, dark jungle!

  • Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last (Four Tet Remix)


  • Michele Mininni - Endless Ceremony (Rocketnumbernine Remix)

    Nice to share something where I know the original artist and the remixers! Been in correspondence with Italian producer Michele Mininni for a few years now and enjoy his experimental, dense, but blissed out vibes. Remix from UK pals Rocketnumbernine tightens up the production a bit and takes it into hypnotic territory.

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