8 Tracks Of Dub – Kiko Bun


Dub is a style of music that has managed to hold a firm grip over people from various areas of the musical spectrum, it's essentially the Sky Plus of the music world <sorry Ciaran but where the fk did you get these words from? Ed>. Anyway, Kiko Bun knows more than just a thing or two about said musical format, he grew up obsessed with reggae and hip-hop and has spent much of his life surrounded by the influence of dub. That's why we asked him to pick a selection of the finest dub tracks to get us feeling like it's the middle of summer, no matter the weather.

Kiko Bun's Where I'm From will be released on June 15th via Island Records.

See him at Love Saves The Day in Bristol on Sunday 24th May – click here for more information.

King Tubby - Money Dub

Money dub is a nice chill out, nice to ride a bike to in the park on a sunny day.

  • King Tubby - Money Dub

    Money dub is a nice chill out, nice to ride a bike to in the park on a sunny day.

  • Augustus Pablo Wayout Rockers

    Augustus Pablo’s Wayout Rockers is a good listen for me when making food in the evening.

  • Barrington Levy - Skylarking Dub

    Barrington Levy’s Skylarking Dub makes me want to skank in a festival field at night with lights shining across thousands of people. Whenever the vocals drop back in it I get an energy rush as it delays back into the spring reverb one drop beat.

  • Don Carlos - I Don't Care [12 Inch]

    The Don Carlos dub is a nice one to play in the morning when getting ready for my day.

  • King Tubby - Murderous Dub

    King Tubby’s Murderous Dub is a straight banger for the dancehall.

  • King Tubby - Original Dub

    The Original Dub is a real nice one. I love the drop after the brass line at the beginning with the fat organ shuffle.

  • Augustus Pablo - Sweet Cassava Dub

    The Sweet Cassava Dub is something else! I love the way you can hear the band re-start and the snare ring is incredible along with that killer bass line.

  • King Tubby - Invasion

    King Tubby’s Invasion number is just what I need when looking for a dutty beat with those hard-hitting drums and phased hi-hats.