8 Tracks: Of Belgian Nuggets With Mugwump


Geoffroy Mugwump is a man who has been around the block once or twice, ever adept to the dancefloor he has kept one ear to the pulse of the underground for many a year and has released music in dynamic style on the likes of Kompakt, Endless Flight, International Deejay Gigolo Records, Throne of Blood and R&S. As the founder of the Subfield imprint, a label which he runs in collaboration with !K7, he has breached the divide between electronics and has utilised instrumentation to great effect in recent projects. His recently released album "Drape" sees him collaborate with guitarists, drummers and more in what is a leftfield representation of live dance music that skirts delicately around the edges of krautrock, post punk, pop and beyond. 

In tune with this we invited the Brussels based producer and musician to guide us through a quick fire tour of Belgian nuggets – musical that is. He does so in fine style below…

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Nordmann - Rundfunk (Official Audio)

Intense Psych & Jazz-Rock bordello.

  • Nordmann - Rundfunk (Official Audio)

    Intense Psych & Jazz-Rock bordello.

  • Nile On Wax : Rhapsody (Short Version)

    Magistrally haunting Post-Rock from Nile On Wax (ex- Nox).

  • Wolvennest - Unreal

    Metal, psych, coldwave and a fair dose of occultism. Praise be.

  • The Germans - Are Animals Different #1 (Single Edit)

    Edit of a two-sided epic journey LP clocking at around 40 minutes. It’s a trip.

  • Flying Horseman - Bright Light

    Already mentioned them before here. They keep on firing gems, album after album.

  • Galling & Gruzis - Further Past The Break "Rheinzand Remix" (Full Length Official Video)

    Les Disques De La Mort ‘s Rheinzand reworked this kraut beauty with class. They’ve just delivered a monster balearic/indie rework of our “No Trepidation” song from the new Mugwump album.

  • Gruppo Di Pawlowski - Two Gods (Official Audio)

    Another supergroup with Belgian wizard Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars/dEUS). More light.

  • Go March - Come On Momentum (Official Video)

    Motorik electronic/post-rock fusionists Go March.