8 Tracks: For a Contemplative walk through the city with Joep Beving


Operating on the experimental fringes of electronic and neo classical music, Joep Beving has a keen interest in philosophy and existential discovery. His music is as much an approach to enlightenment as it is a creative outlet for his own wildest fantasies. The acclaimed composer and pianist has been widely supported with his music offering an insight into new patterns of thought and unchartered territory. He describes his own musical output as a quest for "understanding", a "journey" if you will. 

As such it seems fitting that he selects eight tracks upon a similar theme, he describes his musical perspective below: 

“I believe that the answers are much more on the inside, this journey, in a way, is also an internal one. My hope is to give people a space to be in for a couple of minutes or hours where they feel things just seem to be right, like a recognition that they’re understood or that they can just be.”

He picks music by Sufjan Stevens, Kjartan Sveinsson, Jóhann Jóhannsson and more…

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Tigran Hamasyan - Fides Tua (Live)

This is literally from another realm. Mind altering and gate opening. Sublime.

  • Tigran Hamasyan - Fides Tua (Live)

    This is literally from another realm. Mind altering and gate opening. Sublime.

  • Sufjan Stevens Untitled (All Delighted People Side D)

    It’s more than one track but cheating is allowed when it concerns Mr Stevens. This is utter and pure beauty to me. One of the greatest musicians of our time.

  • Glenn Gould And Leonard Bernstein: Bach's Keyboard Concerto No. 1 In D Minor (Bwv 1052)

    The introduction from Leonard Bernstein might get you out of your solipsistic zone for a moment, but Gould will draw you right back in. And Bach, well Bach, listening to his music is like seeing the Matrix, the fundament, structure of everything around you and how it is all connected.

  • Cello Octet Amsterdam, Joep Beving - Beving: Hanging D (Cello Octet Amsterdam Version)

    The Cello Octet Amsterdam did this powerful version of my composition Hanging D. They did such an amazing job, that I am abusing this opportunity to expose it to more humans like yourself.

  • Greg Haines So It Goes Live At Av Picknick Excerpt With Video Impressions

    Like a thunderstorm in summer. Thick black skies that come rolling in pouring out water that washes away the heat and leaves the earth rejuvenated.

  • Kjartan Sveinsson - Der Klang Der Offenbarung Des Göttlichen (Teil Iv)

    Former keyboardist of Sigur Rós composed the score for his and Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson’s opera ‘Der Klang der Offenbarung des Gottlichen’ and it is the most beautiful music that I’ve heard in my life. Not that many people know about this music and I feel every human needs to hear this.

  • Gurdjieff, De Hartmann-Chant From A Holy Book-Solaris Quartet

    Gurdjieff was a mystic. He travelled the world and would pick up melodies from distant places. Years later, without any musical training or experience, he dictated them to one of his followers Thomas de Hartmann. There are solo piano recordings of their collaboration. This is a rendition by the Solaris Quartet that will hopefully do the trick for you as well.

  • Jóhann Jóhannsson - Flight From The City

    Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson sadly passed away last year, leaving us with an exceptional body of work and a deep void I may add. I wanted to include this 8th track in memory of him and because it shows how sometimes the simplest of ideas have the most impact. A true master that I would have loved to meet in person one day. Thankful we still have his music.