8 Tracks: Between the Seats / One Offs with Jon K


You never know what you're gonna get when you catch Manchester's Jon K in action. The DJ and NTS Radio host has been navigating the weird and the undefinable since the early 2000s, honing his craft through various residencies at clubnights and venues like Plastic People, Hoya Hoya, Soup Kitchen and La Cheetah.

Musically his selections sit "between the seats"; it's difficult to pin down exactly where they slot in. Perhaps they're a by-product of experimentation or they simply straddle multiple styles and characteristics. But it's not just the tracks he chooses, it's the way that he pieces them together that make his sets so much more than the sum of its parts. They're always steered by mood and an innate ability to find a common thread across diverging genres.

This extends into his work with records and tapes. In 2016 Jon moved into the world of curation, compiling the Equiknoxx ‘Bird Sound Power’ LP alongside fellow Mancunians Demdike Stare, which he also designed the artwork for. Now he's gearing up for the release of his Trilogy Tapes mixtape; a double cassette with a selection and fluidity that perfectly exhibits Jon's singular style.

In the playlist below he rattles through some of the tracks that (excuse the contradition) sit in that "one off" box, including some of the selections that will feature on the forthcoming Trilogy Tapes release **keep 'em peeled**…

"I've got several teenage memories of hearing a tune I loved and going in record shops to ask for more stuff like that, only to have people behind the counter scratch their heads and explain that there wasn't really too much like the thing I was after. I began to realise that a lot of the tracks I really enjoyed sat between the seats in terms of genre and were often one-off products of experimentation that by rights probably shouldn't have worked. I guess the thing I'm talking about is what Arthur Russel made a career from, so I think my appetite for curve-ball's is not so unusual these days but I definitely feel like it's been one of the biggest influences on the way I collect records and how I put them together when I play."

Follow Jon K and buy the Trilogy Tapes cassette. Photo Credit: Elle Andrews.

Muslimgauze - Ali Loop Bin Laden

The world needs more Oud tracks with P-funk drums

  • Muslimgauze - Ali Loop Bin Laden

    The world needs more Oud tracks with P-funk drums

  • Instant Music / Klick - Guten Tag Wunder [Edit]

    In general I’d have probably said people shouldn’t be encouraged to make slinky Jazz New Wave tunes but after hearing this I mellowed slightly to the idea. I also got put onto Jimi Tenor’s Union Ave (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o339jb437sc) recently which makes a strikingly similar case… I just tried to think what this reminded me of and the first thing that popped in my head was the Pink Panther smoking cigs & drinking German wine

  • Menta - Sounds Of Da Future

    I always wondered how this came about then did a gig with Artwork (aka Menta) a few years back and got into a deep boozy chat about Detroit Techno and nights out at Lost etc – it made perfect sense after that… putting The ‘D’ in Croydon!! https://getdarker.com/video-gd/rare-footage-croydons-big-apple-records/

  • Beatrice Dillon - Carrier And Mask

    Beatrice is one of my favourite producers and when I first heard this the snappiness of the beat reminded me of Punky / Rudeboy Dancehall bits like Akee ‘Lick Them’ or Little Clarkie ’Selector Him Good’ but the palette sounds like Laurie Anderson crossed with Rhythm & Sound (whose track ‘Carrier’ this pays a little bit of a homage to). Perfect mix of moody tension and playfulness. Love it!!

  • 06 Winter Light - Crash Comma

    There’s no shortage of Goth / Wave b-sides with dance beats and tons of effects but this one goes down the Dub wormhole deeper than most.

  • Tiger - Rap Pon Rydim + Dub

    What to say about this one?!! Broken House Dancehall that’s Bonkers even by Tiger’s standards.

  • Chrome - Nova Feedback

    Tripped out and woozy yet Punk as Fuck… Complete one off genius!

  • Eddison Electrik - Acid Hall Riddim'

    Squelchy Acid riddim made famous by the Ghost cut ‘Come Back Again’ that uses the Tom’s Diner melody and rivals the Spice Girls bit in Tanto Metro’s ‘Everyone Falls in Love’ for the ‘Most random / unexpected Pop reference in Dancehall’ crown… thinking about it that would be a fun chart to do.