Zomby to release music on Bedouin Records


The singular producer has been notably quiet as of late and this will be his first new music since 2017. Zomby is a familiar face amidst the experimental electronic scene within the UK having released music across a number of years on the likes of Hyperdub, XL Recordings, 4AD, Big Dada and more. 

The new release is titled "Vanta" and will be released on the 17th of May later this year via the Dubai originating record label Bedouin who have since relocated. The imprint has risen to prominence having been responsible for releasing music by the likes of Xosar. Eomac, J Tijn, Tzusing, Pan Daijing, Hieroglyphic Being and more. 

The label have described the new EP as follows…

"Vantablack prevents stray light from entering telescopes. It is the blackest material known.

With Vanta Zomby is giving us an insight into his darkest. Vanta is a construction for the savage. A brute soundscape that reaches the profane along with the cryptical. In this EP Zomby is redetermining his access to techno by developing a language that is archaic. A language that is his own."

A track is streaming here:

Visit the Bedouin Records bandcamp HERE