ZJ Liquid Some Gyal


Last week I went into rhapsodies over the invention and energy inherent in current Jamaican dancehall, and I would have been content to leave it there if this track hadnt sashayed into my inbox. Produced by rising star Seanizzle, who seems to be turning everything to gold at the moment, I really dont know how to describe this tune, except to suggest that its a pop masterpiece. I guess the closest I could come would be to get you to imagine the mock epics Queen used to excel in, or maybe even the multi part nonsense Panic At The Disco peddle, or perhaps a great tempo switching Andrew Lloyd Webber musical number (and there are loads. Dont pretend youre too good for the Webber), and then if you could imagine for me (tricky this) that Lloyd Webber, rather than being a tiny, pasty bigot was instead, a bashment loving Yard shaking Kingstonian, transplanting evolving musical fantasies onto a low end bassbin shattering autotuned template whilst maintaining massive levels of cheese, then thatd be sort of, probably, nothing like how this sounds, but an entertaining waste of time none-the-less. Ummm. Losing sense a bit there. Maybe just best to listen, theres a fair chance you may not like it, but I totally love it.

Ian Mcquaid

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