Zinc ft Ms Dynamite


It seems that like Pharrell, Ms D is also staging a return to turn-of-the-decade form. What happened in the intervening years between bonafide hits such as Ramp and Put Him Out and now is anyones guess. Musically, not a lot. I dont know if shes finally extracted herself from a bullshit record deal, or she just didnt know what the fuck to do when grime ruled the roost or what. Whatever, Dynamite has come back in a big way. Her last run of singles Bad Gyal, Get Low & Lions Den have been phenomenal club smashes without picking up the recognition they deserve outside of the underground. This, however, is the one thats going to put her way back onto mainstream radio, and rightly so. Zinc builds the track from a lolloping elastic house bassline, some whooshing effects, Dynamites voice crisp in the mix, and little else. Its straightforward dancefloor fire that could and should work in any club in London (with the possible exception of Feeling Gloomy.

Ian Mcquaid