Yikii set to release a new album on Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire


Changchun-based Chinese producer Yikii has announced a new LP for Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire imprint titled ‘Crimson Poem 深紅之詩’.

Set for release on 1st October, the album is inspired by ambient, gabber and post-club, as well as contemporary composition, avant-pop and nursery rhymes. Tension-inducing and existing ‘at the foggy threshold where dreams become nightmares’, the album is more resonant and vibrant than her other long players.

In Yikii’s own words: “It’s the closest to the colour and atmosphere of the new world I imagined, compared to the previous albums. I want to create my own world through music and drawings, which exists in a separate time and space, and if I leave, you can still feel my existence through them. From there you can experience a whole world that is alive.”

As well as being singer of duo Anemone, in her relatively short solo career Yikii has released over 20 albums and mini-albums, self-released and on labels like FunctionLab, Dark Jinja, Quantum Natives and Niphlex Recordings.

1. Yikii – -47 °C
2. Yikii – Disillusionment 破滅
3. Yikii – Phantasmagoria! 千燈幻景
4. Yikii – Afterimage In Ruin 廢墟残像
5. Yikii – Five Layers Of Crimson Snow 五重絳雪
6. Yikii – Doll’s Synaesthesia 人偶的通感
7. Yikii – Noctambulist 夢行者
8. Yikii – Heart Halo 心之光晕
9. Yikii – Liminal Space 虛與實
10. Yikii – Scavenger’s Daughter 清道夫之女
11. Yikii – Glass Drumsticks 玻璃鼓槌
12. Yikii – Two Moons 戼

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