Wretch 32 ft Example


Uh well, what they've done here, is they've taken Fools Gold from the Stone Roses, and well, hm, well, they've rapped on it. So OK, I see what you're saying woeful, a woeful idea, but wait hear me out—- its not bad. I dont know if its the sun shining, or the fact were in March or what, but honestly, what on paper should be an icky pool of sound vom turns out to be a chirpy catchy little pop number, in -as they used to say- the modern style. Lets face it, Fools Gold came out 20 years back when the majority of Wretch 32s target audience werent even a ticklish nut sack, so its not like theyll give a shit about its hairy madchester provenance. And this has turned out to be a fine piece of pop. Whats more the Bar9 remix is the sort of ridiculous wobbling farty dubstep smash out that any sane person can only palate once every full moon, but, come that full moon, slap it on and surrender yourself over to having the time of your life headbanging, shoving your mates face first into the wall and just straight flexing. Disconcertingly enjoyable.

Ian Mcquaid