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fabric 56: Derrick Carter

The 56th installment of fabrics series comes from the Chicago pioneer Derrick Carter. A much-lauded musical hero of the early 90s house music movement, his sound was branded boompty boomp after the original musical ability to get people moving. One of the forefathers of house music, Derrick has since stuck to this steadfast style within his music, often reworking and interpreting tracks to fit his own musical sensibility.

I produce all the time. I put a few specials on my fabric album from my private stock. I re-edit a lot of things. I have a different dancefloor vision. I like to think of it like sports tuners. They get a nice car and it works well enough but they tune it so that it fits their needs. Better performance, add some growl! Its the same thing, I fix it up so it works for me, so when I play it, I get more power at lower revs, so to speak.

After starting two other house music labels, Derrick joined forces with Luke Solomon and Chez Damier (who later stepped aside to do his own project) to create Classic, one of the most well known record labels of our times. Famously starting at release 100, it counted backwards until it reached number one, at which point the label folded and countless house music classics were etched into its history such as Isolee Beau Mot Plage and Derrick Carter Where You At. Prior to and since, Derrick has worked with a plethora of musical legends, many of which appear on this mix as it weaves through the tapestry of his career and interests.

I am into interesting art, art thats relevant to my time period – some modern stuff, pop stuff, some new kids doing interesting things, some weirder “green / eco” stuff. There’s one artist, Gabriel Dishaw, who marries two of my larger passions, which are shoes and art. He makes kicks out of recycled computer parts. Ive got a pair of “Pentium Blazers” made out of circuit boards, heat sinks, wires and such. I also collect some Haring, some Warhol, Banksy, D*Face, Cody Hudson, and Herman Miller prints. Things that I like to think are going to be my retirement fund. At some point when the bottom falls out of this shit! You know, I said that about 10 years ago and Im still holding on

fabric 56 perfectly captures what makes Derrick Carter a truly original house music master. The dynamic chugging beats flow effortlessly throughout the seventeen tracks, many re-edited especially for the project or if not reinvented through tight accapellas and undiscovered samples. Vintage classics such as Cajmeres Percolator and Green Velvets La La Land thread into contemporary and unreleased material such as Almost September’s Love and the amazing ‘Moskowitz Remix’ by Abraham Inc. Derrick shapes this mix with his light and tactile touch, creating a flowing ball of energy, at times loose and others intricate, but always engaging.

I was trying to get as close to a set as I could. One that spans time and goes from maybe 10 years ago, to some stuff thats not released, to some stuff that wont be released other than on this album. Thats how a real set is for me, I have some new stuff, some old stuff, some special stuff. I tried to give it that kind of treatment so its authentic, and real and valid and present. Its Derrick. All day.

Derrick Carter plays A Night With… on the 19th March.
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01 Jody ‘Fingers’ Finch – Jack Your Big Booty (Derrick’s BHQ Acid Vocal / BHQ Bonus Of Beats) [Let’s Pet Puppies]
Green Velvet – La La Land (Derrick Carter ‘D’s BHQ Business’ Remix) [Cajual]
Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (Tommy Davis & DJ Spen Bom Bom Bom Tool) [Defected]
02 Almost September – Love (Derrick’s BHQ Remix) [unreleased]
03 DJ Sneak – Respect Bonito (Justin Long Remix) [Magnetic]
04 Nick Garcia – Playin’ Tricks (Hector Moralez Remix) [The Bomb Digital]
05 Scope – 8 Track [Large]
06 Cricco Castelli – First Love [NRK]
07 Osunlade pres. Nadirah Shakoor – Pride (Johnny D Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
08 Iz & Diz – Cosmid [Vizual]
09 Roger Sanchez – My Organ [TNT]
10 Scrubfish – Testify To The Soul Provider [Flapjack]
11 Olene Kadar feat. D-Low – Baby Keep It Up [Defected]
12 Cajmere – Percolator (Derrick Carter Bonus Mix) [Cajual]
13 1200 Warriors – HardDrum (B-Boy Mix) [1200 Traxx]
14 Tripmastaz – Back on My BS [Magnetic]
15 Piek meets Stan Garac – La Gondola [Clarisse]
16 Lgo – Bang Bang [Poontin Muzik]
17 Abraham Inc. – Moskowitz Remix (D’s BHQ Re-edit) [Table Pounding]

Also featured throughout the mix:
Green Velvet – La La Land (Derrick Carter ‘D’s BHQ Business’ Remix) [Cajual]
Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (Tommy Davis & DJ Spen Bom Bom Bom Tool) [Defected]
Warren Fellow & Michel Steinbach feat. Todd Terry – Got A Soul [EC]