Wilson Tanner to release new album on Efficient Space


The duo made up of Andrew Wilson (Andras) and John Tanner (Eleventeen Eston) are set to release a new LP on the Australian record label on the 5th of July later this year. Titled quite simply "II" the album features eight tracks which span the breadth of eclectic experimental ambient, balearic and abstract electronica. The new album is a change of course from the duo's first collaborative outing on Growing Bin Records which was first released back in 2016. 

The album was announced by the label alongside an abstract poem and a tall tale upon which the record was made: 

"Two sheets to the wind,
Perishable, not tinned,
Two hands the better,
Wet weather and feather."

The pair "recorded this new work aboard a 1950s riverboat with a resourceful array of weatherproof electronic instruments and a long extension lead. These eight compositions pull in a by-catch of maritime folklore; of Siren and Selkie, Seagull and engine oil slick."

View the tracklist below: 

1. My Gull
2. Loch and Key
3. Perishable
4. Killcord Pts I-III
5. Idle
6. All Hands Bury the Dead
7. Safe. Bird.
8. Crossing The Bar

A track is streaming below: 

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