Whities Announces New 12″ From Nathan Micay


Fresh from launching his own Schvitz Edits imprint, Nathan Micay (formerly Bwana) makes his Whities debut with a brand new 12"!

We've been waiting for this day ever since Sónar 2017 when we heard Avalon Emerson drop 'First Casualty', an absolutely stunning track which certain writers here at R$N Towers have developed an unhealthy obsession with over the last year. If you've ever spent any time trawling through The Identification Of Music Group, you'll know an awful lot of people feel the same way as us. Anyway, on the flip you'll find the sonic depth charge that is 'Beginning Ballads', which is just as stellar to be honest.

"These are without a doubt the most personal tracks I have written to date", Nathan explains. "I made them as a sort of exercise in self-therapy during my first few months in Berlin. As time has gone on, more meanings have unfolded with each listen. For me, these tracks are a rebuttal to the endless churn of negativity in the news and online. They have become my battle cry in the club, something to mobilize while also offering a chance to escape it all, even briefly."

Whities 017 is out 3rd August. You can listen to both tracks below and pre-order it here.