What You Didn’t Know: Maxxi Soundsystem


I guess you could say that we're a little bit nosey here at Ransom Note HQ… Ever wanted to sit down with one of your favourite artists and quiz them about their past? Well now you don't have to as we've got it covered. 

In our continually indecisive fashion, we spoke to Sam Watts, AKA Maxxi Soundsystem, to get him to kick off our new 'What You Didn't Know' series, and let us all in on some of his (so far) well kept secrets. 


So without further ado, here are 8 facts that you didn't know about Sam Watts:

1. I was very early into show business, landing the role of Jesus Christ in a primary school Christmas play.

2. One of my first paid jobs was making and selling candy floss on Hastings seafront – I never ever ate it.

3. I failed my grade 6 trumpet exam.

4. I've made a track with my father on saxophone and my friend Thomas Gandey on keys – it's one of the best pieces of music I've ever been involved in. I hope it can come out soon.

5. I used to help build the set for a TV chart show

6. Whilst there I used to let some of my friends sneak in between sound check and performance and play the bands instruments as they couldn't afford decent guitars or rehearsal time.

7. I was fired from a popular London Radio station for breaching their internet policy (it's a long story)

8. Gareth, the promoter of Saturday's party at Village Underground, gave me my first big gig – warming up for Fatboy Slim in Brighton. It was following a very kind reference from Radio Slave and he called me whilst he was ordering a sandwich.


You can catch Maxxi Soundsystem heading up Kitsune Club Night next weekend (21st June) at Village Underground. More info here.