Wetransfer Uncover A New Side To Artists With Wetalkmusic


WeTransfer have announced the launch of 'WeTalkMusic – a new series of features formatted to unveil a different side of artists.

WeTalkMusic host Thris Tian (Boiler Room) steps away from the rehashed questions posed to artists, in which they then are often forced to rattle off the same answers. Instead, the series probes further than the formulaic inteview, with artists selecting tracks based on questions they wouldn't normally be asked. Questions such as, "which album or track to you think most signifies the city you were raised?", are sent in advance. This set up ensures the discussion uncovers greater insight to artist influences, and more in-depth, intimate interviews as a whole.

Interviews will be smoothed into a soundbite and uploaded online. Thris Tian kicks off the first edition in conversation with Bonobo & Hundred Waters. Recorded in Arizona during Form Arcosanti Festival, the interview will be released today at 3pm.

Listen below:



You can follow We Talk Music session HERE.

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