Watch: Stiletti-Ana – Universe Carrier (I’M A Cliché)


An unidentifiable figure, lost in netting… jerky underwater shots, the twisting jetstream of the speedboat's propeller, we're racing to catch it… or are we dragged mercilessly behind? More shots of the thrashing net figure… falling exhausted upon the murky seabed… thrashing net figure… sun shining high across the surface of the water…

Applying a Cartesian reading to this obviously makes the most sense. The audience races through the water, a disembodied mind lost in the ether, no centre, no home. Meanwhile on the shore the body jerks and writhes, unintelligibly bouncing, dumb without its mind.

It's the tragic curse of modern man/woman, a mind drawn swiftly along by something we will never understand (THE INTERNET ANYONE?) and ultimately seeks to do us no good, leaving our body repeating stupid actions in a field somewhere (err… organic world no longer exists/global warming, amirite?).

Stiletti-Ana is well worth your time and I'm a Cliché are releasing his mini-LP this month – 4th September on wax and 18th September digitally. His dad, Harri Larjosto, directed the video. So you could probably get a bit Freudian on it too. Somehow.