Watch: Pop Campaign Release Video For ‘Twatting A Tory’


It's urge which many would find hard to resist. Even Tory's twat other Tory's sometimes. But Pop Campaign have written a far more lyrical soundtrack to Tory twatting than one would perhaps initially predict, it bobs along sweetly, intricately laced synth strands melodically burbling, getting gradually more tense and determined as the track unfolds, still melancholic and hopeful though.

The video slowly scans Kuala Lumpur, exploring the Petronas towers, static streetlife, the monorail and more. Although not exactly the dream of watching various Conservatives getting lamped in the face it's a pretty nice alternative and good start to the day.

Their new LP, Dead Dark, is being released on 30th October with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Twatting a Tory is up to you, but we certainly won't stop you. From watching the video, of course.