Watch: Lbl #2-#5 Teaser Video


Having already gone through the motions with their first release, the folks behind LBL are planning to return in style and have just released a video teaser for releases #2-#5.

Geoff "Leopard" (part of Last Waltz), the co runner at LBL alongside Peter Wilson, told us a little bit about how the label got started and what we can expect to hear from them soon;

"Myself and fellow geordie Peter Wilson were talking about the archives we'd begun to amass of fantastic digital demo's from all sorts of people, and lamenting the fact that while most of if was amazing it was likely to only ever exist on various hard drives scattered around the world, due to the absolute lack of any profit for labels releasing vinyl. For some stupid reason, and despite our best instincts, we decided to undertake the time consuming and financially draining task of setting up a label to press this music up and make it available to other people like us.

"There's been a lot of labels going down the route of handstamping or plush design concepts, which we both think is really cool, but we're a bit more simple than that so we just opted to press up 300 with fairly basic labelling (but on high quality vinyl) and see how people react to what we're in to.

"There's no real common thread in the releases other than our own taste, so we've been quite humbled by the response so far. We've planned up to 6 releases so far, all of which we absolutely love. We're hoping to release around every 6 weeks, and we'll likely start planning LBL#7 once LBL#3 is in the shops. The first 2 releases are Various Artists, with the next 3 being artist EPs (with additional remixes).

"You can listen to the music on the next 4 releases on this youtube teaser, but we're gonna sit on who's been making what till then (guesses are welcome though)."

With a list of collaborators so far including people like Scott Fraser, Jamie Blanco, Mark E, Asok, Moscoman, Antoni Maovvi, Ste Spandex, Iron Blu and a bunch of others, all in various guises, LBL are pumped up and ready to go.

Check out the teaser video here;

To keep up to date with LBL, check out their Facebook and Soundcloud.