Watch: Flamingods X My Panda Shall Fly – Kinich Ahau


What year is it? Did we just sit here and watch a man using a video? A VIDEO?!? Either we've gone back in time or, much more likely (unfortunately), the '90s is back in fashion – as demonstrated in the video for the new Flamingods x My Panda Shall Fly track 'Kinich Ahau'.

Though we're not entirely sure what's going on, we're all pretty sure that we love it and that we're going to be watching it on loop across the Bank Holiday weekend in the hope that some kind of hidden message jumps through the screen. Failing that, we're just going to enjoy the combination of music and visuals in the way that Mr MTV, and his son Mr Internet, intended.

Go on then, have a gander;

Moon is also out now via Lovers & Lollypops.