Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe curate compilation of vintage IDM


The pair have compiled and sequenced a collection of tracks which showcase their own personal relationship with IDM and electronica on a double part 12″/ CD to be released collaboratively on Above Board, Offen Music and Les Disques De La Mort. 

The release features tracks by The Black Dog, I.F, Reload, Autechre and more alongside lesser known tracks taken from rare compilations and forgotten B Sides. 

The release is described as follows:

‘IDMEMO’ would not pretend to be a representative compendium of 90’s-00’s Intelligent Dance Music. It was not Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe’s point when they decided on the project. It is a very personal snapshot of a moment in time, when both of them were working in record shops, when they were listening to indie and electronic music. One can not stress enough the importance of this crossing of roads, pop kids getting through to the dancefloor via Aphex Twin and nerdy house heads dissolving their four to the floor into the futuristic world of Warp compilations. All in all, This is an anti-archive, a choice of tracks primarily lead by emotion, more pads than glitches.”

More details Here