Vinyl distribution project One Eye Witness launches with new records from Roza Terenzi, Yu Su and Reptant


Dutch label Kalahari Oyster Cult have launched One Eye Witness, a new vinyl distribution service representing a roster of imprints that have worked closely with Kalahari since its conception.

Acting as a missing link between labels and artists that share a similar philosophy, One Eye Witness will provide a foundation for these partnerships to blossom, aiming to put each step of the production process, from curation and design to pre/post-production, back at the heart of the discussion.

One Eye Witness’ current roster is comprised of: Divisi62 (Indonesia), Step Ball Chain (a new label run by Roza Terenzi), Die Orakel (GER), Delicate Records (a new label by D. Tiffany, Vani-T & Byron Yeates), LKR Records (AU), Felt Sense Recs (AU), Light on Earth (FR), Axces Recordings (DK), Steeplejack Records (AU), Isla Records (CAN), De Lichting (NL), Re:Discovery (US), Yeyeh/Ninih (NL), Mirror Zone (NL), Candomble (GER), Warning (GER), Siamese Twins (TH), Whitvoir (AU), and Kalahari Oyster Cult (BE).

Visit their full website HERE.