Various Spanish Types




5-track 7″ purchased at Primavera at the weekend.

I found this at one of the many record stalls at the festival and m’lady clocked me holding it looking with a ‘WTF’ face. Before I knew it she’d paid for it and it was now mine! True Love or Totally Wired? You decide…

What a fucking festival! In approximate order going by the showtime sheet I saw:

Thursday – Bis (a fab start from some local Glasgow talent), Monotonix (mental as always, with added ‘outdoors’); The Fall (all newish stuff but as you would expect); The XX (bit boring for me after a while but the rest of the cunts dug them); and Pavement (fading fast by this point as we’d been on the go for about 20hrs so bailed out about halfway through their set).

Friday – Beak> (my new favourite band – magnificent); Marc Almond (worth the solo newies for Bedsitter, Jacky and Say Hello… in an ampitheatre); Japandroids (full of beans – will definitely check ‘em out again – excellent stuff); Pixies (on fucking fire, biggest crowd of the festival AND they played Winterlong); and The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 (a dance-tastic Brucie bonus at about 3am).

Saturday – Michael Rother and friends perform the hits of Neu! (fuck me, still recovering from this one); The Charlatans (unintentional, was recovering from Neu! on a slope and they were on in the background); Pet Shop Boys (superb show with all the boxes and dancer types – camp as a row of pink tents); Liquid Liquid (thank fuck I saw this magnificence as I’d missed them at the legendary Optimo night); Health (only for a wee while cos they were running late); and The Field (a great end to the festival).

Couldn’t recommend this enough – there were seven of us in a great apartment near the festival that came in at 25 a night each and the full weekend ticket was under 100. I’ve never managed to catch this many acts at a festival and there were loads I missed due to clashes/record shopping/general stoating about fucked but will definitely be back. Si si, senor.

Add in the great weather and all sorts of bad behaviour around the apartment with great pals and you’ve got yourself the best weekend away in fucking years.

Oh, the Mary Chain thing? No flamenco guitar as I’d hoped but not bad nonetheless – one for the JAMC completists out there though.

I’m still catching up with hunners of stuff and have loads of work to do but will attempt to answer various Ripped… emails which came in while I was away. The Weatherall 6 Mix link from last week is in the post below’s comments if anyone’s looking for it. Will do a full post soon…

Various Spanish Types – A Little Tribute To The Jesus And Mary Chain

A1 – Los Hermanos Dalton – Psychocandy
A2 – Automatics – Sidewalking
B1 – El Inquilino Comunista – The Hardest Walk
B2 – Erosply – Reverence
B3 – Honey Langstrumpf – Taste of Cindy

Check out some Primavera pics (not mine) here


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