V/A Sex and the City 2


I was watching Terminator on telly the other night and it got me thinking, but WHAT IS IT THAT SKYNET ACTUALLY WANT ?? I mean I know that they want to wipe out humans, and what with them (the robots) being made of perpetually hard titanium killing machines youd be an idiot to bet against them, Sarah Conner or not. But then what ? OK, so all the humans are dead. Well done. Youve got the world to run all to yourself. What now huh ? Do they start running corner shops and forming Quangos ? What about home movies ? Do they film each other accidentally falling over and knackering a sprocket or whatever, then send it in to the robot equivalent of Youve Been Framed ? Do they make mad big budget sci fi horror movies about the sea rising and a world of eternal rust ? Do they have pop stars ? Porn ? Energy drinks ? Raffle tickets ? Nostalgic revivals ? Pets ? Cookery ? WHAT ?? WHAT DO THEY WANT???

Ian Mcquaid

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