Unreleased material from post punk outfit Getting the Fear to be made available for first time


The highly anticipated collection of tracks are due for release via Dais this coming June on an album titled “Death is Bigger: 1984-1985”. 

Getting the Fear have cult status for their short lived career in post punk, formed in 1983 following the demise of The Southern Death Cult, members Barry Jepson, Buzz Burrows and Aki Haq Nawaz Qureshi quickly regrouped with the addition of enigmatic lead singer ‘Bee’ Hampshire (Psychic TV, Into a Circle). 

The album features an array of demos and tracks recorded during a prominent period in British history, at a time in which the country was being governed with an iron fist beneath the rule of Margaret Thatcher.

The music is described by the label as follows:

“Taken as a whole, the album showcases the breadth of forking paths facing UK post-punk in 1984: pop eating itself, new wave while still new, transgression as alternative not affectation. Getting The Fear’s music feels eclectic and unfettered, following whim, lust, and impulse, glinting with darkness against the fires of youth.”

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