Unkle Release New Track ‘Sick Lullaby’ Ahead Of Forthcoming Album


Ahead of the forthcoming album ‘The Road’, UNKLE have announced and released a new track ‘Sick Lullaby’ featuring the mysterious Keaton Henson. The track is described as "haunting", both ambient and cinematic with strings and a brooding piano. UNKLE’s exhibition ‘THE ROAD: SOHO’ opens tomorrow, and is the first in a series of events over the next year celebrating 25 years of UNKLE and their new album. The exhibition features exclusive video and VR installations from talented artists and collaborators, including 3D from Massive Attack, Futura, Doug Foster, John Isaacs, Norbert Schoerner, John Nolan and more.

UNKLE – Sick Lullaby (feat. Keaton Henson) is out NOW. UNKLE Presents…THE ROAD: SOHO is at Lazarides Gallery, London and details are HERE.

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