Tunnel Vision Records announce reissue of rare French dark-wave Tape


The record label, based out of Lyon, has announced a vinyl edition of a forgotten, rare tape recorded and released in 1987. Spanning the breadth of abstract experimental electronics, dark-wave, synth-pop and beyond the music previously appeared solely on cassette following self release. Now the recently founded imprint will share the release more widely with a vinyl release for the first time. A Gethsémani recorded "Ame Triste" in the late eighties and the music is described by the imprint as follows…

"This obscure cassette was stuck in the past for many years until we had the chance to get in touch with it. Influenced by new wave & synth-pop, Bernard made a unique and powerfull piece of art by his own hands using a DX7 Yamaha and his own material. The track 'Cheree', sung by his old friend Isabelle Morival is an hommage to crucial experimental Alan Vega's band Suicide. Whole album is fueled by beautiful melancholic synth soundscapes. This reissue comes as usual with special gatefolder with original notes and pictures from Odot's past and also an insert." 

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