Tronik Youth To Release Debut Album


After releasing 75 remixes and 25 singles over the last decade, Tronik Youth (aka Neil Parnell) will be releasing his debut album Youth is Wasted on the Young in July. As Parnell is head of Nein Records in the UK, Youth is Wasted on the Young will be released on his very own record label.

The album was recorded over the duration of a year at Tronik Youth's home studio and fuses analogue and computer based sounds. Woven lightly through the threads of the album are the themes of travel and religion, inspired subconciously by events that played out over the year. This album is essentially a love letter to the music that has played the theme and soundtrack of a fanatic's life. It is also a message sent from the artist, stating how modern underground elecronic sounds will be in the future.

Youth is Wasted on the Young features Factor Floor's Gabe Gurnsey on drums and will be released in July.

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