Trojan Sound System New Song ‘Time Is The Answer’


"Trojan- no, not news about condoms" said the message in the Ransom Note inbox (You can't prove that was me – Ciaran). And thank God it did because otherwise it would have gone right in the bin with all the other naughty spam for things we have NOT signed up for. The message was to inform me that Trojan, the soundsystem, had a new track due for release on 18th September called Time Is The Answer and that Trojan Sound System have long been an institution in British soundsystem culture and can be held partially responsible for bringing reggae back to the mainstream of UK club culture. The song's meaning, according to Daddy Ad and Earl Gateshead, is that: 

“Many of our friends come from societies that live in constant fear of bomb and rocket attacks. We very much hope that over the passage of time, the world will change and those who instigate these attacks will no longer have the power to do so. We believe that eventually we can have security and stability from one side of the world to the other. Time is the master and the answer."

Standard reggae themes then. Good, we like peace here at Ransom Note.

The soundsystem have been touring round the UK this summer, playing Leeds’ High Rise Festival, Birmingham’s MADE Festival plus Hackney Carnival and Born&Bred in London. Upcoming high profile shows include the Amphitheatre opening party at this year’s Outlook Festival alongside De La Soul, Jurrasic 5 and Roni Size. Alright! 

Here's the new single for you to listen and think about:

You can check Trojan out, the soundsystem not the condoms, at the following events:

Fri 14th August, Boomtown Festival, Jagerhaus Stage

Wed 2nd September, Outlook Festival, Croatia

Sat 19th September, Meatopia Festival, London

Sat 26th September, Fool’s Paradise Festival, Leeds