Trevor Jackson’S Playgroup Project ‘Previously Unreleased’ Gets A Release


London based producer Trevor Jackson returns in 2016 with his Playgroup Project – ‘Previously Unreleased’ – a 30-track compilation of reworked demos and unreleased recordings released as a series of 9” vinyl EPs over a period of 9 weeks. Jackson describes the sound as “inspired by the hedonistic early days of house, disco, post punk, electro and dub, these tracks reflect a unique moment in time”, creating a soundtrack which is a “testament to the non-air conditioned, non-i-Phone infested and non-corporate clubbing days of yore”. Collaborations include re-edits with the assistance of Sasha Crnobrnja from In Flagranti, EDMX, the vocals of Mike Z from seminal new wave band Crash Course in Science, and a young Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) plays guitar on the final EP’s lead track. The first of the nine releases will be out July 22nd. Pre-order the vinyl via Juno HERE.


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